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    Besides my family, my work as sign maker - Playing guitar and singing - speed skating
  1. I am a sign maker and work mostly in millimeters and so do most of my clients. I receive a lot of files from designers and every time I open a file I have to tell Affinity to work in millimeters. It's very annoying to do that over and over again. Is there a way to safe these preferences?
  2. Thanks, Hope this will be solved soon because I cannot use AD program in my company as long as this is an issue. With pain in my heart because I love what you have done so far.
  3. Anyway, I think you have to ask a Moderator about this issue, they might have another opinion about this?! ;)
  4. Forgot to mention, if we have the same "problem" the resolution of your new Designer document should be half the resolution of your original PDF.
  5. Hi, I have the same "problem" and posted several times about this issue. Until now no response from a AD member!? The "problem" with AD is that the size of your objects, even vector, are affected by the resolution of your new document. If you make the resolution the same as your original document, the size of your objects will be 100%. In my opinion vector objects should never be resized by the resolution of the document!? I would like to know from the people of AD if this is a choice they have made or just a bug. In my case this "bug" decided me to go back to "Big Bother" Illustrator for the time being.
  6. Hi, Is there someone who can tell me if it is possible to save the Document units setting? Every time I open an existing file, and I have to open a lot every day, the Document units are set to Points. When I create a new file it is set to mm, just the way I want. Thanks
  7. If you use a font program like Extensis Suitcase, deactivate all your fonts and see if that works. It seems that corrupted fonts can be a pain in the ass! Good luck.
  8. Hi, I to have a Roland print/cut system but I don't understand your question, can you tell me more?
  9. Hi, I run into the same problem and it is quite annoying. Sure there are ways to get it right but in my opinion (and Adobe) the size of a vector object should never be influenced by the resolution of the document. Is there a Staff member around who can comment on this? Right now we are using Illustrator in our sign maker comp. but with the cloud version it became so slow that I was glad to welcome Affinity. Thanks
  10. Hello, When copying a vector object into another Affinity Designer doc with different resolution the size of the vector object is affected by that difference. Is that a bug or just the way Affinity works? Thanks.
  11. Hi, every time I try to open a file on the Mac I use every day, I get the message "Failed to open PDF file" then some info about the search path, and " the file was not found" I hope there is somebody out there who can help me with this problem, it is very annoying. Thanks very much.
  12. Thanks J, Yes I know where to change them, but what i don't like is that I have to change it every time I open a file someone sends to me, and i get a lot. Also I have lots of Illustrator files that I want to use in Affinity, so even if the original units are in mm, Affinity sets them to points. Maybe I want too much for this moment but perhaps in the near future? John
  13. Hi, When i open an imported document from, f.i. Illustrator, the documents units are always in points, is it possible to have them permanently on mm. ?? Btw, i love what you are doing with Affinity!! I work with Illustrator for about 30 years now and your program looks great so far. Thanks, John
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