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  1. After creating an A4 master page, with 12 linked text boxes, Publisher1.7.0.249 crashes, and crashes again when trying to reopen the document. Postits.afpub
  2. ariordan

    Copy from imported Illustrator pdf

    This surely has to be a bug, document resolution should only be effecting vector objects when they are converted to pixels, and even in that case the size of the object should not be impacted.
  3. This works great with a mouse, however how does one scale such a group precisely? i.e. by 50%. In theory entering "50%" in the transform panel should do the trick, but this appears to be limited to resizing the text frame only.
  4. After importing an Illustrator PDF file, which Designer appears to do correctly, any objects I copy to a new Designer document are scaled by 200%. Designer: 1.5.1 Illustrator: CS3 PS: happy to upload problem document to a private repository.
  5. G'day, Yes, FontAwesome works as expected. The trick is to either cut and paste from Font Book, or enter unicode, as it uses the Unicode Private Use Area U+E000..U+F8FF. See FontAwesome cheatsheet for the codes. Adrian.
  6. When importing a pdf file (attached), created by Pages (5.6.1), using the font FontAwesome, Designer (1.4.1) is incorrectly mapping characters. e.g. tick is mapped to house. pdf-import-160123.pdf