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  1. Guys I think we can assume 2.5 years later that affinity are not seriously pursuing the features that have been suggested Just use sketch instead, that's what I did. I do still like affinity but I'd say that the only thing I really miss in sketch is affinity's export feature. Sketch has prototyping Better component organisation. color & text styles linking - I see there is now good text style support and simple global color linking capability Plugins that generate style guides from your whole document Many other handy plugins Data importing - "fake data", images, API calls, names, addresses etc Plugins that help you to easily get the css or html of a component. export to many programs such as Zeplin, framr, Adobe aftereffects etc Affinity should really get on top of the atomic designer / design system / component methodology. 2 whole industries will love you for it (designers / frontend developers)
  2. The new date is a bit upsetting to be honest however I trust Affinity know what they're doing :) It would be very useful to get better printing support so we can print all Artboards at once instead of exporting each one individually. Then at least we could print pages in a more natural fashion. Just worked out that if you select all artboards with the artboard tool you can then export all artboards as a PDF by selecting "Selection with background" and clicking export! WOOP :D
  3. Ha yeah tell me about it :) However this is a really old thread and many people have been waiting since 2014 for this feature. Requesting features and then actually seeing it implemented is something that I love about Affinity. It's great to know that the people there actually listen their customers.
  4. Wow guys! You really are on the ball! Nice 1! :D I'll be looking forward to the consumer betas when they arrive!
  5. An api would definitely be beneficial! I can imagine a data inputting plugin would be quite easy to create. I guess affinity might be worried about needing to maintain it.
  6. The craft plugin for sketch is pretty awesome! https://labs.invisionapp.com/craft They have a cool prototyping plugin too!
  7. Ps. I too wish for an after effects equivalent for motion graphics. So far I've not found one. There is definitely a hole in that market.
  8. This is very good point and I think affinity shouldn't have to need to support ALL of Adobes features.. However support is good. We still (unfortunately) live in an age where Adobe rules in the business sector. This means no matter how much I want to use Photo or Designer if a client has a photoshop file with smart objects I'll still need a a copy of photoshop to get to those high res picture / vector files. This has happened to me a lot! Another example is After effects only shows vector layers from illustrator files. Unfortunately .ai files are private so Affinity cant make an exporter for it. Maybe Adobe will one day give layer support to SVG files and we'll all be happy :D One of the things Affinity promises is that there is no subscription however as long as features like 'Smart object' or 'save as .AI' etc aren't supported people will unfortunately have to keep it. (Or tirelessly re-download trial copies until they have to reinstall there Mac again :( ugghhh) As people are moving from one app to the next support for features like this will always be asked because its a pain to switch from app to app. I'm personally glad Affinity is trying to support adobe files and more, it would make my work imposable otherwise. I think Affinity is also being smart too by not letting adobe stuff compromise Affinity's performance and development. One day there will be requests for Adobe to support Affinity files, hopefully that day is soon :) just my 3 cents
  9. It's not quite what you guys want but anyone could replace AD/AP's icons set with there own set of monocrhome/flat/lighter icons right now if they wanted to. NOTE: Make sure you backup either the resources folder or the actual app so you can revert back to the original. To get to the app's icon files follow the bullets below: Navigate to the applications folder Right like on the application Click 'Show package contents' Navigate to : Contents>Resources Open one of the png's in AD/ AP Edit, flatten and SAVE Restart the app and your done :) If anyone decides to make a custom icon set for AD /AP do let me know :) EXAMPLE EDITS CAN BE SEEN IN THE RED CIRCLES Andreas Larsen, you're one set closer to your dream UI :)
  10. At least there is .PSD export for raster images, few! I'm very grateful for this, thanks!
  11. Oh no that sucks :( I can import PDF's but I get the same issue. No layer or vector editing support (at least as far as I've tested). This unfortunately this means my idea of an AD / APh / AfterEffects combo isn't doable. I was really hoping to get rid of illustrator :( Thanks for replying TopCat :)
  12. Illustrator .ai file export would be nice. Exporting to EPS files for After effects just don't cut it. You can't edit the vector paths or access layers. :( Thanks for considering :)
  13. Brilliant! I can see my workflow being really flexible this way :) So I'm guessing in future versions the 2 icons for ADe and APh will launch there respective applications when clicked? Cool!
  14. I noticed you can add an Affinity designer icon to the toolbar in the photo beta. It currently doesn't do anything but will this eventually allow you to open your current file in Designer or perhaps even more awesome, just switch to Designer view! Also to what extent will you be able to edit Designer files in photo or visa versa? Will it be like how you can currently embed documents into other documents and editing an embedded file will open up the correct application? I've already tried to put a Designer file in a Photo file and when I clicked on it it I was surprised to find that it opens! Its cool that it opens up in Photo but a little weird that I don't get Designer Tools. I can edit a gradient but some options are missing. It would be really cool if the tools and windows would just shift to Designer view or Photo view just like persona's do!
  15. Been doing a bit of slicing today and noticed a few features which would be useful to have. 1. Copy and pasting slice selections - for example the slice dimensions are the same but the object to cut is in a different place. 2. Scrolling, dragging or transforming the selected slice to a place that is wider than the screen viewport. 3. Snap to objects like text or the edge of a square. 4. Snap to the edges of the spread! Thanks for listening :) P.S the numbered bulletpoints aren't working on the forum
  16. hey nice avatar! Its interesting finding the small detailed differences between AD and adobe. I prefer the look of AD btw ;)
  17. Refering to point 9 and scaling 'framed text', is there a shortcut key for this? It would be very useful :)
  18. Don't think it is. Would be a nice feature though! It's very mac like (drag n drop) ;)
  19. Thanks Matt! I've just downloaded candidate 3 (been on holiday). Copying and pasting from one file to another is a lot better now. The process is a lot more fluid. :) Raskolnikov, I think the current solution (I'm using Candidate 3 now) is pretty good. With the current solution you get the best of both "modes" :) For example If the object you copied from is still within users viewport it is pasted in the same position as the original object HOWEVER If the original object isn't in the viewport ie zoomed into another part of the canvas then it will paste at the coordinates of the viewport instead. Cheers for the shortcut Dave :) Dragging is wayyyyy to slow. This shortcut makes things a lot faster now :) Thanks for the help guys :) P.S My issue with point 2. was to do with a faulty mouse so that clears that one up :)
  20. Good idea.. but the editor wouldn't let me add numbers? It showed in preview but not when I published it. I've just numbered them inline for now. 1. Ahhh thats much better :) 2. Ohhh. I think I was miss clicking on the arrow which was causing me to double click and then due to double clicking this inadvertently made the window zoom in on the object. Thats kind of annoying. The arrow is very small, maybe it could it be widened? Some invisible padding around the button would be enough. Perhaps limit the zooming in on object action to only when you double click in the layers icon box. ... 6. See 2. ... 8. Not sure I'm a fan of this one. I like to know that if I press a shortcut it will always be that tool. I think there also must be a bug happening here as well as sometimes when cycling I don't get the zoom curser back but I can still zoom in and out. 9. The second anchor is helpful for that specific layer but when you want to scale a group the text box content doesn't scale only the content. I can show a picture if it helps. ... 10.2. I'm referring to stroke type. You usually have inner stroke, centred stroke, and outer stroke. See image bellow. I can only see how to do outer stroke or outer stroke AND inner stroke combined. Cheers for the help MEB :)
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