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  1. Just joining the thread some months later, in Affinity Photo 2, is it now possible to change the default units from pixels to inches? It just seems so laborious to have to continue to change each new image into inches from pixels, unlike in Adobe PS where you can specify the units of choice as a default.
  2. Would be nice to have a tutorial for the conversion of scanned or digitised (DSLR) raw images and then to expand the tutorial to encompass the processing of them into acceptable positives, given that many more people are beginning to see the benefits of using digital/mirrorless cameras to digitise their old 35mm/120 negatives.
  3. Hi Lou Thank you again for your very helpful comments, which I have taken on board, of course I fully appreciate that there are considerable differences between Photoshop and Affinity Photo, and I need to quite clearly develop my workflow, both digital negative conversion as well as print mounting to fit with the totally different interface, and it is the interface that I initially struggled to appreciate given that I have spent so much of my life in Photoshop that Affinity Photo took me out of what you could term my comfort zone. However what I have so far seen and read, and also having followed a number of Robin Whalley's excellent tutorials, and now having a copy of your own negative conversion workflow has been a great encouragement to persevere and make the change over during the coming weeks. I am also very impressed with the Affinity Forum and the very helpful comments that I have received so far, and feel very confident that should I encounter any difficulties help is not too far away. Again may I thank you for your most helpful comments. Mehal
  4. Lou That image and frame is very impressive, and identical to what I have been creating with Photoshop, Robin Whalley of Lenscraft has now helpfully created a video tutorial that clearly explains the process, which has reassured me that Affinity is most certainly the way to go, regarding the other post about Nikon Z9 NEF imports not being supported in Affinity Photo at present, this is no problem as I can convert them to DNG Files until Affinity is able to process the NEF Files that my present camera produces, which I am sure will be only a matter of time, and given that new camera's are being produced all of the time, I suppose that the tech department at Serif have to constantly play catch up to keep pace with the ever evolving digital (mirrorless) camera scene. Regarding your first post that I replied to in which you created a pdf file of your Affinity workflow, I am attaching a copy of my Photoshop CS5 workflow for a comparison, for some reason I am unable to attach a pdf file so the file is a MS Word document. 2021-06-15-Converting negatives to positives and adjusting quality of final print.docx
  5. Hi Lou Apologies for that, somehow my post went before I had finished what I was saying! I intend to give your process a test run some time next week to see how it turns out, my only issue at the moment is that Affinity does not support Nikon NEF Files from the Z9, so I will have to convert them to DNG files in the Adobe DNG converter before I will be able to run my tests, hopefully if all goes well I will at the end of the trial period sign up for Affinity Photo. Thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated. Mehal
  6. Hi Lou Thank you for your additional comments, and your issue with CS6 and your 2017 MacBook Pro, illustrates another of my concerns, though I am using an MS Windows PC running Windows 11 Professional my concern is that when I update my laptop, then I too may also be unable to access my PS CS5, even though I have all the DVD's from CS2 onwards for upgrading purposes, but I supspect that Adobe is somehow attempting to lock out older copies, as is the case with my Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, that although I own the DVD, I am unabloe to activate the licence key on my present system.
  7. Hi Lou Thank you for sharing your Pdf workflow for negative conversion. I am presently using a trial version of Affinity Photo, and my previous conversion work was undertaken with my old copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5. And I have always found that my perfected method provided me with excellent conversions, some of which I enlarged, mounted and exhibited. However not being prepared to pay the extortionate subscription costs that I would need in order to upgrade my old copy of PS, I have during the past few weeks been exploring other options, Darktable, Gimp and Affininity Photo, and at present I do favour Affinity Photo, but was concerned that my negative conversion workflow would not be possible within Affinity, so reading your Pdf workflow I feel far more confident that I will be able to make the transition away from Adobe. My other concern had been my creating frames with text for exhibiting my images, but the excellent and very personal response from Robin Whalley of Lenscraft to my concerns resulted in him not only advising me by email, that what I required was possible, but he went to what I consider to be the extra mile, and has produced a first class video tutorial which clearly and concisely created exactly what I require, I have to say that having been a long time subscriber to Lenscraft, not only is Robin a first class landscape photographer, but his tutorials on Affinity as well as the two books that I have purchased that he authored cannot be faulted for their clarity of explanation, though I believe he has no connection to Serif, as far as I am aware, he certainly makes a first class ambassador for their product. I am attaching an image that I converted from a Fujifilm 35mm Raw (NEF) negative, using my Adobe Photoshop workflow, I then created the frame with text in Photoshop, the photograph was enlarged to 12 x 8 inches the frame was 16 x 8 inches, it was then board mounted for exhibition purposes. Mehal
  8. I am presently using a trial version of Affinity Photo 2 and have looked at the many video tutorials to see if any of them cover the subject of creating a simple picture frame upon which text can be added. And I am afraid that no-one seems to have covered the subject at all, leading me to think that Affinity Photo 2 is not capable of achieving the result that I require. At present I am able to do this seamlessly in Adobe Photoshop version CS5, and have been using the technique for many years, in fact I have created an action (Macro in Affinity Photo 2 speak) that creates the basic frame and I just then tweak it with the text before uploading the image to my photo lab for printing and mounting. However, the point of this question to the forum is. Am I able to create the same in Affinity Photo 2? I am not particularly bothered if I am unable to create a Macro, all I wish to do is create the picture frame, and then be able to add the text, and to this end I have attached an image of one of my exhibition prints to illustrate what I wish to achieve. I look forward to any replies. Michael
  9. Is there any update on this post, as I am now using a Nikon Z9 and shoot in Raw, and before I choose to jump ship to Affinity from Photoshop at the end of my subscription, I would need confirmation that my Nikon NEF files will be read by Affinity.
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