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  1. Got it thanks! Is there a process for bug reporting or do the devs use this forum?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but I can't seem to get that Merge button to do anything. I click it and nothing changes for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  3. I have 4 artboards with both raster and vector objects on each. There are multiple drop shadow FX on each. The canvass is bonkers with different color shapes and vertical and horizontal banding from the images. I'm on a new MacBook Pro w/ M1 Pro chip. This same behavior is happening in Designer and Photo. Video attached as well as file in question.Building Sign.afphoto Bug Affinity Designer.mov Building Sign.afphoto
  4. Any reason why Designer for iPad doesn’t have the actual buttons for undo/redo above the help button like Photo fo iPad has?
  5. I can never seem to remember what the options in the constraints panel do. Can we get some tooltips on there? Especially the "lock" buttons.
  6. I have a Photo document that I embedded in a Designer document. When I edit the embedded document, it is opened in another Designer tab. How do I open an embedded document in a different Affinity app than the parent document?
  7. I'm on 1.5.4 as well on my MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.2
  8. Currently when layers are added to a Group, the thumbnail for the group doesnt update. See video below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwyjpj8i7gygcmc/Group%20Thumbnail.mp4?dl=0
  9. I would love to be able to edit the text content of a symbol but not the style of the text. Would be useful for buttons with different calls-to-action as well as UI where a bunch of repeated content like user profiles needs unique titles.
  10. +1 This would be fantastic for web designers. Currently a 2-step process of export from Affinity and then running the image through PNGYU for compression. (http://nukesaq88.github.io/Pngyu/)
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