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  1. When clicking on the "Export persona" exporting slices/artboards is not possible if the focus is not on the Slices panel. Default the focus seems to be set on the Layers panel. Which makes less sense when in the Export persona. Would be handy that if you'r ein the Export persona the focus is set automatically on the Slices panel.
  2. If you're using an older mac which runs the latest version of OS X you'll probably need to disable "Parallel processing" (bottom left corner of the batch window) in order to run a batch job.
  3. +1 for CSS export Affinity Designer's #1 competitor has it for quite some time now :-/ Even if it was just to export CSS from text layers and color fills that would already mean a time saver when converting a design to web.
  4. I have hundreds of images of various sizes, mostly very large sizes, that I want to resize to a maximum width of 1920px, at 72DPI, RGB colour mode, JPG format. The height should be variable since the original images have various heights as well and I need to keep the aspect ratio to prevent distortions. (1)is this possible with Affinity Photo? (2)what would be the steps for the resizing to record as a macro. (I tried recording resizing one image and then use that recording for a batch job but AP used also a fixed height on every image resulting in many distorted images)
  5. I noticed when resizing an artboard that guides don't stay in position. Occurs with files that have existing guides as well as with setting new guides. Affinity guides bug.mp4
  6. moonbeetle

    Simple perspective correction tool

    +1 for simple free transform. Use case: adding labels or logo's on mockup 3D packaging boxes. Hate to go back to that other software for that now that I'm used to using Affinity. Just rotate and skew don't cut it, sorry.
  7. [sOLVED] Break curve does the trick, indeed.
  8. Oh I miss the knife tool or scissors so much. So I draw a simple vertical line with the pen tool. How can I cut out a portion so that I end up with two parts a a tiny space between them?
  9. moonbeetle

    AD 1.5.3 immediate crash when trying to export

    [sOLVED] Had it with every file but after updating to 1.5.4 this bug no longer exists for me. Thanks.
  10. The graphics file I tried to export as a whole was 5.8MB, contained only a few layers, one artboard. The crash is consistent, every time. When I Save As... and make a copy, same story. The newsly saved .afdesign files crashes as well when trying to export as a whole. The only workaround I found was going to the Export persona and export a slice covering the entire artboard. Def a bug.
  11. +1 because this is SO frustrating, really. For instance when you're designing a logo you just don't know in advance what exact dimensions you will end up with. The workaround to trim the canvas is not up to standards compared with other AD features. Please please bump it higher on the roadmap.
  12. +1 for cropping/fitting the document to the content (which goes a step further than just cropping, but cropping the whole document would be useful as well) EDIT Feb 16th 2015 : Any update on this? Despite how much I like Affinity Designer, the current cropping tool isn't at all what I'm used to from Fireworks and frankly causes me to go back FW more than I would like to.