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  1. MAJOR THANKS to all of you! It's taken a month for me to do more studying and begin to understand how to use Affinity Photo. This is the result --
  2. New user to all of the Affinity products and Forum so apologies if I'm not responding appropriately to this question. I have a first batch (arrived the first day it was available - yes, I'm one of those!) 14" M1 MacBook Pro with 16 gb memory. No issues other than not knowing how to use the program. This morning I wanted to try to work with a photo in Affinity Photo. Everything I did brought up the spinning beachball. Before ANY action. As an old geek and QA person I began to sort through changes since my last program use. Updates to all the Creative Cloud programs. this week. Update to Google Chrome. I researched here and saw the suggestion to turn off Hardware Acceleration in Affinity Photo. It's under Preferences > Performance > Metal. Reboot. ISSUE RESOLVED. Hopefully this may help some other frustrated person. Curious as to what is going on here.
  3. Thank you. Here's the logo in jpg. I think I need it to be png to have the transparency. I want to be able to put the logo on any of my bag photos. On this one I want to put it in the upper right. TIA.
  4. I am new to all the Affinity programs. My search here and via Google hasn't offered a complete answer. I make handbags and post photos of them. I created a logo that is black on a white background. If there is a white background on the photo I can place the logo without issues. However, I would like the white background to be either transparent or a different color. I also would like to change the black design into a different color. I could use either Photo or Designer - if I know what to do! TIA
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