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  1. i downloaded some of these to try it out the one im currently working on is the fake galaxy its not turning out too bad right now im just about done with it bmbjr
  2. hi all i guess my thing is im used to using X4 so its going to take me a while to get used to it i have been messing around with some of the how-tos the one im been is the fake galaxy i had to do the starfield twice ,i had a bunch of interuptions when i was doing it the other day so i finally got that part,in a bit im going to do the swril part again, so far its no looking so bad as far as using anything else other than photoplus i tried some of those others its what works for me ive tried to use draw plus i never could figure it out,then was free download for using it,everything i did with any of them just turns out wrong or just plain old bad so the messing around ive been doing with it,its differnt animalfor sure ive already figured out some of it like the line tool for say i just have to go about it a differnt way now its cool though im going to check out this thing on jpeg might be the way im doing new documents ,the old way it just had that one page with this newer way you have several differnt ways of doing it now like i said ive got some learning to do bmbjr
  3. by messing around with it yesterday i found exporting them into photo shop i can use my X4 renders ,its all there the layers the way i named them everything is there now ive got some learning to do i see.its cool bmbjr
  4. hi all i have figured out how to get my X4 into this affinity what used was photoshop it was all there ,all my layers the way i named them everything ,it worked just like a charm i started messing around with it yesterday ,its a little overwhelming right now .both on my laptop & Ipad .i guess im used to using x4,the way this is made up now they are grouped together for the most part to me its kinda the same but differnt ,its got some added stuff ,some stuff its missing the 2 things its missing is the the deform tool & the line tool,which i use both of these alot and the way it saves im used to saving in jpeg this saves in png that what i have found out so far i see i have some learning to do ,i think its going to be the way things are now grouped together now thats going to be my bigthing right now i have looked at this stuff that was posted on this the ones ive really looked at is the setup on affinity ive not tried to make anything yet to show you some of the renders i do this picture was hand drawn with wacom tablet on a Hp laptop with windows 10 ,using serif Photoplus X4
  5. a little note i have uninstalled it,reinstalled it with the same results bmbjr
  6. i will check this out,considering ive been using X4 for years right now all of this is so overwhelming to me right now as far as X4 goes i have it both on my laptop & desktop,on the desktop its working like it always has,no problems where im having problems is on my laptop when i get a Windows update it makes X4 not wont to work right some features now dont work the biggest thing it does it dont matter which brush i use any lines end up being very jagged or broken sometimes then filling in sometimes its like im using the feather brush when im not even then its almost see thu i may have to fill the samething 2 or 3 times before its soild again it dinnt start doing this stuff till a few months ago as i say ive been using X4 for years ,still do im fixing to figure out this affinity both laptop/ipad from what ive seen its pretty cool bmbjr
  7. because of the windows updates i keep getting ,its already got some of the elements in photoplus not working right or not at all the updates i keep getting is doing something to it,since there is no help to speak of i thought i would upgrade to affinity bmbjr
  8. i downloaded some of these to figure out how to use this photo im used to using Serif Photoplus X4,ive been using Serif products since Windows Xp,its a differnt animal for sure for me so for right now im going to have to figure out how to use this stuff bmbjr
  9. some of my renders i have done have quite the layers ,it seems to me its alot of unnessary work to use them again bmbjr
  10. some of it is,but not all the renders i have done in X4 are hand drawn on some kind of tablets my current tablet is a wacom,as i say i have been using serif for years bmbjr
  11. i am having problems with this too,except its with photoplus X4 so from what i have seen here so what everybodys saying is i have to put this into a PDF before i can use it i have thousands of things ive made with the X4 i started using this since windows XP yes its been that longwhen i get done doing my projects i save them on 1 of those portable hard drives,reason i still have so many of them & i might elements in some of it to make something else,my X4 that i have been using for years even on the current version of windows it still works ,kinda now,everytime i get a update from windows it does something to x4 takes forever & a day to get it working right,some of the elements on x4 dont work now ,so last night i uploaded a free version of this its like x4 but its differnt with some added goodies its missing something though where is the deform tool?, its 1 of these things i use a lot ,its not there is there a workaround for this i would like to know bmbjr
  12. hi all ive been using serif for years,way back when windows xp was the thing,yeah that far back what i am currently using is photo plus X4 on both my desktop & this laptop,,so when i get a update any more from windows it makes x4 act weird,weirder than usual both machines are windows10 i use a wacom tablet with x4 ive not had any problems untill recently i have all kinds of ideas im going to work on 1 of my projects & x4 is not going to work anymore ive seen latley where its been changed up a bit ,i really dont know what i need all i do is basically is draw & paint mess with photos a little maybe make a GIF or something like that i dont do any of the publishing type stuff so yeah i guess i just basically draw with this stuff,any ideas on what i could use? also would any of my 4x,some of the others before x4 work with this new software thats out now(talking about serif that is) anything would be helpful bmbjr
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