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  1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry but I don't know what you mean by "shear"ing it.
  2. Amazing, thanks so much for uploading the video. That method worked really well for the front wheel. Would it work that well for the rear? I feel like it's on too much of an angle to be distorted I to a circle and apply the filter. Would love to see how you would approach it. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes I have tried that. It still makes the blur in the incorrect direction. Thanks so much for the pics. Unfortunately this method still make the blur in a circular motion instead of an ellipse even tho the effect is shaped into an ellipse and not a circle. Below is what is happening: What I would like is below: Thanks for the reply. This method still gives the effect as circular. Thanks for the reply. This method does give the correct illusion! Its a different method of thinking about it. But I really hoped affinity photo gave a way to do this effect as easily as Photoshop does. Thanks for the reply. This method aslo works and looks great but I'm planning on doing this with other cars as well where I won't have the luxury of taking a separate picture from the side. But this is the look I'm going for.
  4. Lol! Good eye! Actually it's a LHD FD that I'm making into a Spirit R with all the Spirit R goodies.
  5. Hi there, Im trying to create the effect of motion on my car by making the wheel appear to spin using the radial blur tool. However the tutorials I find are all when the car wheel is facing completely straight so the effect is easy to apply when you choose the center of a circle because the wheel IS a perfect circle. Now the car I'm trying to give motion to is on an angle so the wheel is turned making the wheel into an ellipse. If I choose the center of the ellipse the spin effect is weird because it's not a perfect circle. Its like the entire ellipse is spinning around the center. I want it to spin WITHIN the ellipse. How do I do that? Thanks.
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