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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. appreciate you taking the time. Yeah, I already have fusion360, which imports SVG and outputs DXF/DWG and does have a good 2D vector editor itself. you just right click on a 2d sketch and you can export DXF or DWG. I'm just a lot quicker with illustrator/AD style vector editing, as i've been using them for so much longer. I can achieve what I want to do with the tools I have, without the need for AD at all; I just hoped it would do what I wanted. I dont want to learn and buy new 3d software to achieve the same 2d output I want, but thanks, yes, it would solve my problem as well; if somewhat redundant I might just snag myself a new wacom display, or spacemouse and just put in the time in fusion so it becomes as second nature.
  2. Thanks @Vozka i'll check out inkscape as well. the above convoluted workaround i mentioned, using AD->svg export->Fusion360->DXF export->Diptrace/Altium does work, I tested it this afternoon, but as I run AD and diptrace on MAC and Fusion360/Altium on PC (actual PC, not emulation on mac) its even more of a PITA. My old MAC CS5 installer is on DVD-R, so even the install onto the windows machine is not possible (even if it had a disk drive ...). those installers on disk were of course OS specific, so installing on windows with my existing license is not doable. Maybe i'll resurrect my old mac pro just for illustrator CS5 ... lol. So yeah I guess it is about the money, not not having it, just not being able to justify it as an ongoing expense for such limited feature use. Or a month here and there for a couple hours use. Hell, you cant even just 'buy' illustrator, you have to get the whole designer bundle. We have some product shots, 3d render/mockups and marketing/web design coming up after the prototyping phase and enclosure design and 3d printing get more close to finalised. Perhaps I can justify adobe CS again to make it easier on myself. Yes, I wear a lot of hats and we are just a 2 person startup.
  3. yes, it appears to me from the perspective of a relatively new affinity user and long time adobe user that this and quite a number of features, are about will not, rather than cannot.
  4. I can export as svg from AD, import into fusion360 and export from fusion360 as dxf to import into diptrace and altium I guess.
  5. No, I didn’t say that. They aren’t 3d files btw, they are 2d vectors and I want to export them from AD, not import/open 3d files from some other package in AD. I was under the impression designer was a 2d vector editor. Those dxfs would be used as profiles to create 3d objects in fusion360 (although as I can export svg now, that is less important) but creating dimensionally accurate curved spline shapes and using those in the production of copper layers in circuit boards in diptrace and altium would be great. If I could just buy illustrator outright still I would (or run the standalone cs5 I still have the disks for) but you can’t run it on Mac anymore on any recent OS. I don’t need or want constant upgrades; I want dxf export of reasonably simple, single layer, single colour vectors for the most part. It was the age of this thread and the lack of these features mentioned here still that just made me realise it’s never going to happen. paying adobe monthly forever for a feature that has been in illustrator and freehand since decades ago is stupid. Booting up fusion 360 to export 2d vectors for altium or diptrace is dumb too, even though it’s more powerful for this purpose than AD. I’m far quicker for such tasks with illustrator and similar bezier editors. After reading this forum, I don’t expect this feature to be added no matter how nicely I ask. If it was going to be added, it would have by now. It’s such a basic feature I didn’t even consider it wouldn’t be possible. Back When I ran the demo, I was more focused on photo. Hell, Aldus freehand could do it in the 90’s (I miss freehand back then I used photoshop for raster and preferred freehand for vector ) I can’t imagine there would be much development required. I’ll check out vectorworks, but I’m more likely to run an old version of freehand or illustrator on a dual boot windows machine than start paying adobe monthly for just that feature (I hate windows but recently bought a machine to run altium, so I’ll probably do that) pretty sure in spite of my efforts nobody knows what im talking about, but I’m not going to spend any more effort on explaining myself..
  6. You might want to look at what altium, diptrace unlimited and fusion360 (full feature) cost. I also mention being an adobe user since 1.0. Not CS1, 1.0. In the past and being an active adobe subscriber up until a few years ago. how does any of that even hint at me not realising how much adobe costs? I describe why I stopped paying adobe. Nearly 80aud a month for very sporadic and occasional use of a very limited feature set of the adobe suite, yet still having to pay for all of it just doesn’t make financial sense. actually I’m not sure you comprehended a single sentence in my post ..:
  7. Right. OK. So after reading this forum i'm actually becoming quite irritated now. I was just miffed before. I trialed the trio a couple of years ago and at the time still had full adobe suite subscription. I thought it was quite good and snappy, but I guess I didnt explore enough, as I was still using adobe. I guess its snappy because it has essentially no features ... its easy to run code quickly when there is hardly any load. When my work moved away from compositing/graphic design and more into 3d imaging/cad and PCB design, I kept the subscription up for a while, but was only using it in the end for a few things, not at all worth the increasingly extortionate pricing (note I had been a paying customer since version 1.0). but this year I thought, cool, designer is the vector section of the affinity suite, designed to provide an alternative to illustrator, i'll just buy that module for the vector editing I still need to do to compliment the fully featured CAD workflow. I only discovered after i'd paid that it couldnt even be classed as a toy for people learning vector tools and active development doesnt appear to be happening at all, with absolutely no attention paid to the customers over the course of years and with what amounts to false advertising STILL on their page. Sure, its cheap, but its not cheap for something that is essentially useless.
  8. Glad i'm not the only one that is beyond surprised that this basic functionality to export vectors for CAD is still missing after some years of development (I need DXF for fusion360 and diptrace/Altium PCB design software) fusion360 is somewhat solved with SVG, but no solution for my PCB design. it did not even cross my mind that such basic functionality would be missing before buying.
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