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  1. I use a 2022 version of a software that reads textures as..bmp files, and I was trying to upscale these textures. It's not as obsolete as you mag think. That's why I need it.
  2. I haven't heard of any photo editing software that doesn't support bmp (except affinity photo). Even free ones do, what does that tell you?!
  3. I've never seen a photo editor that doesn't support bmp in my entire life. So it didn't cross my my mind to check for that!! Btw, I think even paint that comes with windows saves bmp pictures ever since windows xp or something.
  4. And yet it is still not supported in affinity photo 👎
  5. But the program is being advertised as a photoshop alternative. But it doesn't really replace it. Even photoshop plugins don't all work in affinity photo (dds texture plugin) doesn't. We are buying a product only to discover that we still need another software to take care of the work for us because affinity photo doesn't do the full job. Also, the bmp format is supported by many freeware programs like paint.net. So if a free open-source program can do it, I would at least expect the same from a commercial product.
  6. I'm asking about the term itself. Currently, you need another program like paint.net to modify bmp/dds files. So this program doesn't really replace Photoshop, it does partially replace it though.
  7. Can we please export to a .bmp file? I need that feature and this post is so old I'm surprised it's not implemented!
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