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  1. I just find it rude, and distasteful that they would offer such a discount so close to the release of a new version, and make ZERO attempt in the marketing to let folks know that a new version would be coming soon, so people could make the choice, spend money now to get a version that would no longer receive improvements, or wait for the new version to be released... Now offering a higher cost, even with their "launch discount" and no offer to those that would be "upgrading" because of some BS about the App Store - There are many apps that offer upgrade licenses for their apps purchased through the App Store - or via their own website. There even one that allows you to screenshot your purchase from the App Store, and they will send you a discount code to buy the newer version on their website... So it has nothing to do with limitations, and all about their lack of wanting too.. And their Bundled package for $99 is useless to someone that has ZERO Windows machines.. what would I personally due with a license for the windows version, when I have nothing to put it on. Why is there no Bundle offer for Mac Only Users?
  2. LOL, and yet they are all based on facts. I bought V1 just 2 months ago for the price I mentioned. So I know exactly how much it was, and they made no attempt to inform anyone making the purchase that in just a couple months they would be releasing a completely new version, and not adding any additional function to the one just purchased.
  3. I can see now how just a couple months ago Affinity was offering V1 at such a low price $26.99.. To get folks that were unwilling (or couldn't afford) to pay the higher price for V1 to make a purchase, then turn around and release a new version number so those same folks would have to pay more just a month or two after buying V1.. And not at the same price they had just purchased the now outdated version for. That's worse than Adobe's subscription scam..
  4. Hmm, it was an "image" layer.. Trying to make the switch from Photoshop to Affinity has not been an easy or enjoyable experience.. There is just so many different and wrong things with Affinity.. In Photoshop, I could just copy a photo from the web, paste it into a new file/artboard, and then select & copy any part of it.. not having to fool around with "rasterizing" and crap.. 😡 Anyways, thanks for the help.. resolved the issue.
  5. Could someone please explain why I'm not able to copy the selected (via selection tool) area of a layer only? I have a selected area of a layer (photo), using the CMD+C to copy the selection. Then if I try to paste what I thought was copied, its just creating a new layer of the whole layer that was selected when using the CMD+C shortcut. So I end up with 2 of the "photo" layers, instead of area I selected.
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