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  1. I need this inside the Procedural Texture Filter, unfortunately. Color sampling would allow writing filters that can manipulate image data in a lot of different ways. Right now, it is only possible to generate graphics from scratch, which is fair — it is called Procedural Texture, not a Custom Image Filter after all.
  2. You can get the individual components of a vector by using its x, y, z properties. For example, we can get `0.5` from a `vec3(0.5, 0, 0)` by accessing its `x` property: var color = vec3(0.5, 0, 0); color.x This code will output 50% gray color Yup. I couldn't find anything related to color sampling too. That's why I decided to ask here. Documentation has some missing bits, and I thought maybe color sampling is one of them.
  3. You can use colors in Procedural Texture Filter. Each color channel (red, green, blue) is normalized and represented as a range of 0…1 float numbers. For example, to output an orange(-ish) color, you can write: vec3(1.0, 0.7, 0.5) It is a normalized representation of RGB(255, 178, 127) Usually, in GLSL-like languages, there's also a way to sample colors from the source image.
  4. Hello, I want to get a color value of a pixel at (x, y) coordinates. Is there a color sampler function in Procedural Texture Filter similar to texture2D in GLSL? Thanks!
  5. I'm using AD for a while now and one of the major things I still struggle with is a Colour Chooser (both in a popup and Studio panel). It only supports HSL Color Box model (it is called “Hue” in AD). Most major apps right are using HSB Color box. It is more familiar and easier to use: if I need a pure bright color, I'd just move the dot to the top right corner and that's it. In HSL Box though, I'd have to try to aim the center of color box. It is frustrating. Please, add HSB Color Box to Affinity Designer. I understand, that this might be not the most important feature in your road map, but it will definitely make life easier for those who come to AD from Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch (and especially for those who are constantly switching between these apps in the process) Thanks.
  6. By “stages” I mean that the control node is snaping between few values. And step between these values is too high, which makes it uncomfortable to work with. As the result I have to always hold alt to skip the snapping. But I understood that there's nothing I can do about this. Thanks for the help.
  7. I understand that Alt overrides snapping in other tools. Well, that's unfortunate. It feels like some of the shapes are kinda broken because of this. For example, cog wheel has only ≈3 snapping-stages, and I can't even return it back to the original (default) state: As I remember it doesn't worked like this before (like in versions below 1.4). Are you sure there's no settings for this?
  8. When I try to modify shape's controls it tends to snap each move to some predefined values: But I can hold Alt to move controls freely like this: Is there a way to inverse this behaivour? E.g. hold Alt for snapping and move everything freely by default? (Global Snapping seems like doesn't affect this)
  9. Is there a hotkey for applying picked color to selected shape? (instead of clicking on that small circle in color panel)
  10. Would be awesome if we could copy-paste vector paths from Affinity Designer to Photoshop and vice versa. Currently, if I copy something in AD and then try to paste it inside Photoshop, it'll be pasted as SmartObject. And If I try to copy Path Item from Photoshop, AD unfortunately doesn't recognize clipboard contents at all.
  11. That's unfortunate. Thanks for the reply, guys. @paolo.limoncelli, I used Photoshop as an example of how I would like to see Vector Brush work in Affinity. It is not a matter of vector / raster tools, Adobe Illustrator for example has vector brush tool that work more predictable than Affinity's one.
  12. Hello, Is it possible to make Vector Brush Tool more predictable? Line width changes as soon as I release a button. Here's how it looks in Affinity Designer: And here's how brush pressure looks like in Photoshop: I use Wacom Intous 4 with Pressure Controller turned on. Here's brush settings:
  13. Sadly, we can't transform vector points using this technique (e.g. select few points of the rectangle and stretch them out). It is possible to do using Transform Panel by changing W/H properties, but it is kind of complicated.
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