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  1. Thank you friend as always for your answers. The truth is that I don't think like you, from my point of view all the software I use have this option to hide this bar. It is something so obvious, so simple that there is no excuse. For users who use it, leave it, for those who don't, they can remove it with a click, simple.
  2. Thanks for the reply. But how is it possible that not even in version 2.0 have an option to easily hide this bar? It's incredible.
  3. Hello to all, please can anybody help me with this, How to hide the inner status bar, thanks.
  4. Hello, what a community, I hope everyone is very well. I want to ask you how to do it so that when I select the move tool the color outlines do not appear on each layer. that outline that looks pink. thanks to all.
  5. Wuauuuuuuuuuuu amazing tip @carl123, thanks so much. Affinity had a lot to learn in interface customization, from Adobe and other software's. For example I used Cinema 4D, its amazing his interface and customization, are huge! Thanks again @carl123
  6. Hello, how are you, it is a great pleasure to be here and to be able to participate in this forum. I'm Cristóbal Pohlhammer Prieto, professional web designer and photographer, from Santiago, Chile. I made the change from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to Affinity looking for a better, modern, efficient and powerful solution, also looking for the software company to really listen to its users, managing to improve day by day. I hope little by little to start participating in this forum, greetings to all.
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