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  1. Talking about sample points, I have noticed that what appears to be a default behaviour is that the Info Panel always loads with 2 values (RGB) and (CMYK). Is there an option to change the second value to something else, CMYK for photo editing doesn't seem the right default choice to me.
  2. When adding multiple sample points from the Info Panel, it would be nice to be able to identify them with say a number as it can become daunting trying to figure out which sample point belongs to which readout in the Info Panel
  3. Changing to H0 S0 L1 puts the scope in the right place so they are 1 digit off
  4. Using the Apple Magic Mouse ,just resting your finger on the top causes the image to start scrolling all around. In Photoshop there is an option to disable this caused OverScroll. Is there such an option in AP
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