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  1. thankful and confused, anyways, seems like there is some issue with Affinity interpreting it. I think I'll go back and ask what app their using, it may not be photoshop.
  2. Tried that, no affect. It's weird , why would jpg be storing that information and why would affinity interpret it
  3. I received image from tech who did some image manipulation, I don't know what program they used but when I open jpg in Affinity Photo there are path layers and the image is incomplete, only seems to render one image layer they were working on to get affect. see attached screenshot of how image appears in file manager view and how it appears in affinity photo with layers expanded. any ideas?
  4. Hi, new to Affinity Designer, I'm working in a graphics template and need to copy a mark and image to another group within same document, however, it seems to be linked to original mark and image and if I change image it updates image in both place in document. How do I unlink the masked image from source mask image so I can change working image? To give more detail: After copy mask/image to new group and drag it to target location on view, I go back to naviagtion layer of target object and double click on image, it opens into embedded window, I place new image and remove old and close embedded window and return to document window and see that image updated in both locations. as below. I have tried this in Designer and Publisher with same results, so I know it is linked but I can't see how to unlink them so they act independently.
  5. Thanks, any recommended application to use any open source apps that will do this or are you thinking something like Word or some other word processor, or a dreamweaver type web design app?
  6. Using Affinity Designer or Publisher, what would be a recommended migration path to an html5 document?
  7. @Komatös thanks for the template, helped me jump start my front-to-back cover with spine, made adjustments for my 2 5.5x8.5 artwork pages. I did notice that when I placed a 300dpi publisher file into this that the sizes did not seem to match even with both documents being 300 dpi, any ideas as to why? Also, I enjoyed my visit to Hamburg years ago, beautiful city. I've also had Hamburger in America, but I don't think this is really from Hamburg, at least not in it's current form, :J never mind, got it
  8. I think the rasterization is the step I'm missing. thanks.
  9. Sorry, newbie, I'm actually using Affinity Photo and Publisher, maybe I can do it in Photo?
  10. Hi Guys, I didn't get this solution, in Designer > Select menu I only see Select and 3 options, All, Previous, Next, I can't see how to accomplish this with this menu?
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