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  1. Thought I’d give you an update Walt, exchanged numerous emails with Steven (affinity@serif.com) from Affinity last night and all sorted. Emails were being exchanged till 10pm. Great service!
  2. Wow thanks for that! So much to play with, my pics may get a little busy until I learn how to control myself.
  3. Thanks Walt, email sent, doubt I’ll hear till after weekend though, no problem. I can still play happily with Photo
  4. Thanks for reply loukash, but when I goto the download section it says “You will receive this free kit automatically when you register your app after install” but can’t register my app as my software isn’t new enough.
  5. Just bought Affinity Photo for my Macbook, was under the impression I was getting a number of free overlays, (fog, snow, rainbow and rain) but these are only available if I register my App. Unfortunately I need a macbook with 10.12 operating system, mine is 10.11.6, how do I get to download these overlays?
  6. Does anyone have any experience of third party books that tey can recommend, hopefully in English 😉
  7. Unfortunately the Photo Workbook is out of stock, I know the very basics of PS but I am switching to Affinity. Can someone recommend a good alternative to the Workbook which also supplies the samples and additional files required to complete the training. Cheers
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