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    The survival of this, our one and only inhabitable planet. Big ideas, Small footprints.
  1. lovely -exactly what i was looking for - thanks @Psenda
  2. I there anywhere a master list of plugins which work with affinity? Even an unofficial one? I already have Designer and Photo, still mainly using photoshop for image editing and would love to minimise that I want to invest in broadening my filter toolset a bit but focus on plugins which are known to work - even partially, with affinity. Any clues on this will be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply A_B_C, and going to the trouble of making a video. I'm definitely not choosing the the Vector Brush tool - I'm selecting the Artboard tool. The second from top tool on the tools palette. I may be getting vector brush behaviour but the tool i select IS the Artboard tool. I'm a very experienced (and passionate) user of AD - from it's earliest releases (coming from a Freehand background). I know what the vector brush tool is but i'm not choosing it. And currently i'm using 1.6 and 1.7 concurrently so i have a clear picture of the differences. Something fundamental is wrong here. I could make another video but i hope the above makes this clear. What next?
  4. So those 'by design' behaviours are new ? But unannounced? The tools are behaving very differently from alpha, and the option-drag behaviour is different from (I think) all my other apps. As to the problem selecting i mentioned - that is almost certainly a bug, and again different from the release version. I've videoed the issue at https://www.dropbox.com/s/yahaw6czy9l3qu1/Affinity designer Beta artboard select bug.mov?dl=0 I's mostly in outline mode to see what is actually going on - the artboard tool cannot select artboards. And it can't creat them - instead it draws an arc. Methinks something is rotten in Denmark… Tim
  5. I should add - it's also sometimes impossible to even select an existing artboard for editing, wth the artboard tool or in the layers palette :(. Also that with the regular select tool, drag copy can be done IF the option key is pressed before any slecting. Though for Artboard drag/copy is completely broken, every time Tim
  6. Two quite bad issues that seem related. I can't move or drag to copy with option using the the Artboard field. The tool insists on creating a new artboard over the original artboard. And with the general selector tool i can move but can't option/drag to copy. These issues are specific to the current beta. I've searched but can't find anyone else with the issue. AM running MacOS 10.13.6 I would be very glad of a solution as I er… have a real project running using beta, with no way back. Thanks
  7. Somewhere I saw reference to an export persona for Publisher - but can find nothing like that - we have links to designer and photo instead (which fail) ATM I'm using export but is there to be a Persona focussed on export as with designer?
  8. Tim Gummer

    Cannot Download Beta - Email Verification

    update - finally got the DL with yet another attempt, different email - I have no idea what made the difference. Very much looking forward to taking publisher for a spin this week on a couple of small projects.
  9. Tim Gummer

    Cannot Download Beta - Email Verification

    By which i mean - I HAVE verified my email many times. Multiple emails, multiple accounts, multiple browsers, multiple logins. Still get the requirement to verify.
  10. Tim Gummer

    Cannot Download Beta - Email Verification

    I have the same problem - no matter how many times (I've tried at least TEN so far - i'm a desperate man) i verify i still get a requirement to verify before i can download. I have also deleted cookies and tried different browsers AND tried registering under a new mail/ PLEASE????
  11. If i copy text - either as a block OR within the block as text - and try to paste it to another app - i get nothing. This is very frustrating as sometimes i creat copy for say a flyer .. in the app, and then i can't reuse it. Also kind of unbelievable. Copying between apps was one of the Mac's claims to fame, back with it came out in the eighties. Note i do have Alfred 2.0 running with multiple clipboard pastes - works for everything else.
  12. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    so please on the actual cloning issue - can anyone answer?
  13. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    No this is not an alt/option drag - i do that intentionally a lot but in these cases i don't have the modifier down - given how common this issue is i'm really careful to avoid that but it still keeps happening, (when i say 'keeps' i mean randomly). TIM [Sorry to be late back on this - not getting notifications on replies]
  14. plus one on all of those things, but i don't expect it should take focus from current development
  15. Tim Gummer

    Unwanted Cloned Elements

    I'm having a resurgence of a historic issue that i thought had largely gone away. Affinity is creating extra copies - sometimes 3 or 4 of them, overlaying the existing ones. I still don't know what triggers this as i only find them later., though it may be to do with subtle drag motions (without a modifier). This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I remember posting on it previously but can't find it sorry. But I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from this