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  1. I am sorry Paul. As it turns, I owe you an apology. Thank you for your efforts in this forum. I was honestly thinking that the moderators here are from Serif. Please excuse me pouring my frustration on you.
  2. My apologies. For all these time of using Affinity products, this is the first time I am looking for help in the forum. I guess I got frustrated about the situation and it took the best of me. I am sorry.
  3. My apologies... I guess. And as I said on other thread - thank you for your help. Probably it is worth to say that for all these years of using Serif's product, this is the first time I am signing in this forum looking for help - I am that desperate. But no help. I have no idea how this is working. I was honestly thinking that the moderators here are professionally connected with Serif Ltd., hence my frustrated comments. I understand now that we are in the same boat. Thank you one more time. I've been moderator in other forums, I understand the how I made you feel.
  4. Is there any plans to bring the Rename back? Suddenly working on Affinity for iPad became cumbersome and frustrating. I am still keeping the V1 but switching between versions? Is this how the future looks like? Thank you.
  5. I am Affinity user since the very first beta versions of Affinity Photo. I would never expect that one day Affinity Forum moderation team will explain to me, that I am dum and my my work doesn't worth saving, except very occasionally. Little do they know that the last 5+ years I was trusting Affinity to make my living. It is so... sad!!!
  6. Very, Very bad answer. The very concept of "Mobile work" suggest versatility. Sometimes it takes time and changes, before I know if my work is worth saving. And meanwhile I will make changes and versions and I need the option to rename. It feels awkward that I have to explain this here, in this forum. Wouldn't you, people from the moderation team suppose to understand these things before you get here?!? It feels disrespectful and condescending to get answers like yours. Would you please be rather constructive in future? Thank you! Very! Much!
  7. Hi Excuse me, but what does it mean "(Note: 1.10.2 was an iPad only release)"? Is there Publisher for iPad already or did I misunderstood something?
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