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  1. Hello, I know it's an asked feature a few times for the V1, but now that V2 is out, why not adding this one? A "Timeline" feature for creating GIFs, and tools like creating frames from layers, image stacking...
  2. You should make a dedicated thread about it, to be sure everyone can see it.
  3. Remember when Freezer came out of the sea on Namek after everyone believed he was dead.
  4. Wait for the next MacBooks, maybe we will have some news for desktop versions. Ventura is out on 24th October.
  5. I went to website homepage, and base price is now 64€ instead of 54€. Another sign that something will come up soon?
  6. I'm patiently waiting for the Game Boy Advance version of Affinity.
  7. If you have serious information from inside Serif, why asking for confirmation? You are very self-confident about this, then confirmation is optional for you.
  8. Well, it's pretty summed up. I guess this problem will be resolved with 2.0. We're not out of the woods yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I do understand your point but I must imagine switching from OpenCL to any other API must be very long to code, am I wrong?
  10. AMD is providing the driver for the cards we use. The driver is bugged, so Affinity had to disable HA. If AMD doesn't fix the driver, it's solely AMD's problem.
  11. Went here to have some news, and we have the same problem! AMD is really slow.
  12. Be patient, folks. It's summer time for everyone, so things are going slowly.
  13. As said in a previous post, you don't have the grade for telling things about it. I also know that you stopped teasing things as it disappointed people before, but maybe you can talk about next "finished" features that will be released?
  14. Disclaimer : I wasn't inquired by Milwaukee to create this artwork. It was only for myself. Also, don't start a war between Makita and DeWalt fans, please 😁
  15. All right then, I didn't know about that rule for the files. Waiting for the 1.11 with some good surprises 😉
  16. I don't really get the point to switch the app to 1.10 as there are not so much big changes and new functions as previous update from 1.8 to 1.9. 🤔 It looks like a fix update, not a milestone. Why the version number suddenly changed from 1.9.3 to 1.10?
  17. Thanks! Well as long as you don't resell them it should be OK.
  18. Thanks for your feedback, they are self-adhesive stickers. Didn't produce them, I only made these mockups.
  19. Hello everyone, I made 3 stickers some time ago about the Affinity suite. I only shared them on Dribbble and Instagram, but now I think it's time to do it on this forum. What do you think of it?
  20. Thanks for it! The window pictured inside your post have all the information needed. It is a mockup or a plugin?
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