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  1. wwinter86

    Lens correction tool and RAW upload

    I second auto lens correction :)
  2. Ah ok, it would good if Affinity could display focus point without the metadata.
  3. wwinter86

    Disneyland Paris Tower

    An ominous photo I took in 2012 of the Hollywood Tower Hotel in Disneyland Paris. Retouched in Affinity Photo and Noiseless Pro in 2015 from the original RAW file.
  4. Hi, I would like a tool added to Affinity Photo that allows you to add three or more RAW photos taken at different exposures and merge them into a single HDR image.
  5. Hi, My feature request is for a refocus tool, so you can try to fix out of focus images, such as the ability programs such as Focus 2 Pro and Refocus 5 have.
  6. Hi, Could someone please tell me why the 'Show AF Regions' option in the Develop Persona is always greyed out for me? I have tried photos that are RAW files from a Sony A57 (.ARW) and RAW from Fuji HS20 (.RAF).
  7. Cool, thanks that's very helpful :)
  8. Hi, In Adobe Camera Raw you could hold down Alt (I think) when adjusting exposure etc and it would show in blue and red if any part of the image was getting over exposed. Can you do that in Affinity Photo?