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  1. Hi, I'm getting an error when exporting in PDF format from Designer 1.6.0, I go through the dialog windows and it appears to start saving and then the error pops up. JPEG appears to work fine, however, I need PDF so that I can print at 100%, I hate the Windows 'jpeg photo printing' BS when I print from my work pc. I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5 and I updated AD yesterday. Kind regards x
  2. I think Michail probably doesn't realise that the majority of people who edit photos are Not professional artists... I must say before I had an iPad I only saw people playing games on it or doing silly things and thought it seemed a bit excessive, but now I have one, I freaking love it! I don't play games on it, its just the most flexible awesome repository of information, entertainment, design, multitasking...just everything! I have stopped taking my laptop when I travel now, which is a load off (literally) - and no, I don't see it as a desktop replacement, more like enhancement! - And now being able to have such a capable photo editing app is wonderful. What I have come to realise with professional editing programs is that: big or small, it does the job well..that's what people around me don't realise. They might say "oooh I don't want to swap heads around, I just want to take nice photos of my dog and make them better" well..good luck using some free, non-intuitive, buggy, ugly interface that makes you want to stop using it. Yes layers and such are a bit of a learning curve but the payoff is enormous. It looks complicated but its like going for a walk...you can either turn back after a short distance or continue up the mountain to the top..its all there. and besides, I don't want 3 apps that do things averagely when Affinity seem to pour their heart and soul into their work and make such an awesome app! I don't even like saying 'app' for this because it kinda cheapens it, but really, I respect what my iPad can do for me, and I want to respect it back by only putting the best apps on it. I'm all in for Affinity - breaking those Adobe chains is going to be a fantastic moment (last one is the publishing program then I'm free!) and I don't directly make a penny out of my work in these apps/programs, I just require the most intuitive, flexible working environment for design/photos every day for normal everyday editing.
  3. Hi, this is the only place for feedback/comments, and you can delete this after I've made it but I literally punched the air when I just got that email, I have bought it already and I am watching the tutorials to use it! Thank you! <3
  4. Hi there, I didn't put this in the 'bug' area because I'm not sure who has the bug. However, in the past after I have got a result from Vector Magic I would usually double click the 'drag me' bit to open Illustrator (the default program to open .ai files) to then work on it. After purchasing and getting myself to get used to AD I have made it the default program to open .ai files, which works nicely, however, when I do the process from Vector Magic it opens AD as expected but the result is a blank page. I have had this since I had AD July 15 when I had Yosemite, it's the same for my 2015 iMac and MBP, and now is the same with OS Sierra on my iMac. Screenies are attached. I just wondered if the bug was with AD with import or VM with export - or just some miscommunication between them. And i'm not like - oh! it must be a convenient a step between them as possible - but I just thought I would mention it :) never know, might be a small thing to make the difference. Vector Magic V1.18
  5. Oops! Sorry! Thanks MEB :) I did wonder about that however, I thought perhaps it would be the other way around because AP has the 'optimised for OS Sierra' update and AD has been getting different updates, not mentioning OS Sierra (unless I am mistaken) I didn't know that version 1.5 meant the same compatibility level for each app. Again, apologies and thank you for your very fast response!
  6. Hi, I have both apps updated (AD: 1.5.4) and (AP: 1.4.3) and yet I got this error when attempting to open an AD file in AP, "Failed to open file [path of file] The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity" (screenshot provided iMac 5K Late 2014, running OS Sierra 10.12.1 Furthermore I can't seem to see an option in AD's menus to 'open in AP' - has this function been removed between the two apps? Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere or if I have posted in the incorrect forum category. Gratitude in advance for your time!
  7. Thank you for your swift reply :) Apologies for the wrong section, I wasn't sure if I had missed it in the menus.
  8. Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but is it possible to have the Align Panel floating? or at least separate from having to press the align toolbar dropdown option for each align? I use align a lot and the extra press each time is a bit of a pain (I know, I know, first world problems) I just wondered if it was possible. Thank you!
  9. Hey Everyone, I have been using this site more and more recently: http://www.freepik.com/ Excellent quality vectors (imho anyway) I also use this site for photo-based resources: http://www.freeimages.com/ (this site used to be 'stock xchng' if anyway remembers that) I hope you find them useful :-) --I did a search of the forum and didn't them mentioned so I apologise if these have been linked before--
  10. 'Affinity Developer' would be an awesome name for a replacement Lightroom/Aperture/photo cataloguing style program. that's what I thought when I saw the title of this post anyway ^^,
  11. I use Vector Magic for tracing, it's always been better than Illustrator at tracing, it's kinda an oldie, but a consideration and very good.
  12. It's not exactly love for Adobe, (although I loved the power of Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign when I got learning about them), they have been the 'standard to know' if you are applying for any kind of remotely creative job. I think it will take a long time for companies to realise that some will resist the subscription movement and won't be keeping up with Adobe CC etc. Unfortunately the Affinity package will probably remain my secret weapon rather than something I put on my CV for a while. I am certainly pro Affinity though, I love what you guys are doing :-) just need to keep Adobe CS6 around for back-up. My new iMac 5K top spec is on order and I am so so SO eager to use Affinity photo/designer on it :D Getting back the OP's message, I'm still not clear on when to use the retina mode in Designer, in that, if I'm using a retina display am I right in thinking I don't need to click the 'Retina pixel mode view' and that it would be useful for me to view it on 'Pixel view mode' for when I need to see...what? Just a thought, I suppose with this subscription model Adobe changed to, it's bit like - you are watching a film, and you think it's great, but then they do something crap in it that makes you realise it's a film (you are not immersed anymore) and you notice the camera movements etc. and are not enjoying the story of the film, but rather notice bad details about the film. With Affinity I feel like I am immersed in the film, they don't push their 'Serif' ethics (whatever they might be) down your throat, they just tell you what you want to know about the programs, it doesn't feel like a massive conglomerate that you never get to reach anyone or made to feel like an idiot if you don't know something. Keep up the good work Affinity :)
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