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  1. Thanks. Its great to be using software that is growing like this, and gives you such good feedback!
  2. Any chance of being able to import other formats in the future, such as .cdr, .dxf, .dwg etc? I have been working in Corel Draw for years, and have built up a huge library of client's artwork that I need to work with from time to time. I'm trying to move away from Corel draw now, and use Affinity as much as possible, but every time I need to edit an old drawing, I have to go back to Corel Draw, even if its to make a PDF that can be opened in AD...
  3. I might have overlooked it somewhere else, but a feature I am really missing is the ability to create contours of an object like with the outline function, but with multiple outlines, and with a positive or negative radius, so the contours can be outside or inside the object. Along with this should go the ability to break the contours apart from the original object so that each can be handled individually. This is a feature that I used constantly in Corel Draw, which I am hoping to be able to ditch completely.
  4. Glad to know its on the cards at least. I have actually purchased AD now, as I have been very impressed with it so far and the lack of a native Mac version of Corel Draw really annoys me. Affinity's lack of a vectorise / trace function is a massive restriction though. It is something I use constantly and I'd really really like to see it added! In the meantime, what other vector formats can be imported, so that I can trace in Corel and import the resulting vector into Affinity?
  5. Hi there, I am used to Corel Draw, and am trying AD as an alternative because of the lack of a native mac version of corel draw. One thing that works very well in Corel is the trace feature, whereby you can convert a bitmap or other raster image to vector curves. Can you do this in AD?
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