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  1. Edwardbattistini

    Scroll to selected layer ?

    Thanks ! for you reply ! Love your works guys !
  2. I am slowly making my transition from PS to AD and What I find a little bit annoying is the fact that when you select a layer on your page, the layer panel doesn't bring the layer to the top of the list. Would it be possible to scroll to the layer automatically when you select it on your artboard ? Thanks
  3. Edwardbattistini

    When choose Retina ?

    Thanks a lot ! Just need to experiment now !! By by Adobe :)
  4. Edwardbattistini

    When choose Retina ?

    Thank you... but this is why I'm confused, as my screen is a retina so is already about 2x the pixel density as a normal screen. As Retina is not a standard for Web for exemple should I work with or without Retina activated ? If RETINA is activated, will the default export (1x) will be retina size or it will actually divide it by 2 ?
  5. Hi, Just bought the app and it seems great !!! But I have a question... I have a Macbook Pro Retina 15" and i am not sure if I have to choose retina mode when creating a new file. Is this feature for the mac without retina ? or is specially for retina screen ? Hope it won't piss off some of you and I'll have an answer as I'm a bit confused... Thank you All :)