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  1. Oh no no no, not at all. I just know how much of a pain it can be sometimes to moderate forums and a newbie comes along and asks a question that is in the FAQ lol. I totally had a DOH! moment.
  2. Just purchased Affinity Photo, will be getting Designer in a week or two and will be looking out for Publisher in 2016. The only application that would be missing for my needs (selfish I know) would be a web developer application. I used Dreamweaver because well that is what I got used to using the work flow and the integration with other Adobe programs worked for me. I know all focus is on Publisher and then the iOS apps. I am wondering if there are any plans for a web developing application to coincide with the other great applications you guys are producing making Affinity to go to company for all web/graphic designer needs?
  3. These are the type of things that make me want to support a company. Other companies would take something like these zines and monetize them to drain a few more bucks from their customers. Just the fact that these are high quality and free shows a lot about the vision and direction of the company. Keep it going guys, everyone is doing a great job and I am eager to see where this all goes.
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