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  1. I misunderstood, and moved it manually, and yes, when I click "Move to Front", it does work on all the pages. I don't know why it does because it's kind of a twisted way of doing things, but it does work. I'll keep this workaround in my notes so that I don't forget it. Thanks!
  2. I have tried to just move the Master Layers' folder on top, then move it on top with "Edit Linked", and I still have to do the same with each page. Applying a Master Layer on top is a feature I hope to have soon. It would simplify a lot of things.
  3. Thanks! It works! Almost there! You're telling me there's still no way to automatically apply a Master page above all other layers unless I do it manually?
  4. I am exporting to PDF for printing. For now, I only need to add a Soft Proof adjustment with a generic CMYK profile, and a Levels adjustment to tweak the Gamma. I would need to apply this globally and non-destructively. If there's no way, I'll post this as a feature request in another thread.
  5. Yes, using symbols seems a better idea, since it will allow me to change the settings globally after having placed the symbol on each page. No reason why it shouldn't work. I am requesting this because I have slight changes to make to a whole comic so that it looks better when printed, and I need to be able to uncheck these changes for digital publishing. I'm not sure if Photo's Macro feature would allow me to automate the creation of a layer, but I do know that it would work page by page too, so it wouldn't be faster than using symbols.
  6. Putting an Adjustment Layer on a master page didn't work for me either. For now, I'm just pasting the adjustment layer page by page, but it would be better if it could be automated.
  7. Is there a way to create an adjustment layer on a template, so that this Adjustment layer affects all the pages of an Affinity Publisher document?
  8. I'll try, as soon as I have the time. For now, I have repaired authorizations, and reset the PRAM to no avail, then I reinstalled Catalina, and everything slowed down to a stop. I finally solved the problem Catalina by cleaning everything in OnyX, but not Publisher's memory problem, which seems to happen with heavy files and complex files. What I call complex files are files containing several multipage placed .afpub files. Complex files are not very heavy, but seem to cause memory problems, which can even lead to a system crash. I am going to create versions of these files with PDFs versions of these multipage files instead, to check if the file is better manageable.
  9. Not quite resolved yet. I have reinstalled Publishers several times since my latest post, and it doesn't seem to solve the issue (which seems mostly a memory issue) for long. When I try to load a too heavy file for example, or a light file containing too many Affinity Publisher placed multi-page files, I have to wait for all the images of the displayed page not to be blurry before even trying to save anything, else I will have a saving progress bar without any progress for hours. I even have to wait for the blue progress bar below the title to completely load before saving anything for these same reasons. Even a message telling me I couldn't save a file before all of these processes are finished would be better. At least, this way, I would know where I'm going. Once the loading of a file is finished, I can finally work on the file, and save it (for a little while. Then, there are other slow-downs. It's a very narrow window), but it would be much better to have dialogs telling me I can't work on the file until all the processes are finished. At least, this way, I wouldn't work for nothing. Is there an update coming for these kind of problems?
  10. OK, the problem seems to have been solved by reinstalling Publisher. A few images were blurry because I had to update their linked files in the Resources Manager. I also had to unsync my symbols because they were automatically synced again after the reinstall, but otherwise everything seems OK. I'll think about reinstalling the App the next time I have this problem. Thanks.
  11. Ah, talked too fast. A few images are still blurry, and I can't select anything. It seems like everything isn't loaded in memory. I'm going to try again to load the embedded files one by one, and see where it leads me.
  12. Following my latest post: I have reinstalled Affinity Publisher, then tried to reopen the file I was talking about earlier, and opened it in a few seconds. I'm still at a loss as to what caused the problem, but reinstalling Publisher is the solution. Any hope to have a fix in a next update, so that I don't have to reinstall Publisher every two week?
  13. It has been this way since the latest major update. I even sent you files I couldn't open in Designer and Publishers. You might still have it. Afterwards, there was a maintenance update for all the apps, and I managed to open the files. So maybe just reinstalling the App would do the trick. I'll try it as soon as possible. I am working on an iMac 2012 on macOS Catalina 10.15.4 There are periods when the system is slowing everything down, not just Publisher. I have system crashes when I'm using Publisher, but since I'm using it everyday, I couldn't say if it's coming from Publisher or the system itself. It's been like that since Catalina's latest updates, and reinstalling Catalina doesn't change a thing.
  14. No, it's all the files. Even those I didn't work on at the time of the crash. Every afpub file is opening in slow motion. I did have this same problem a few days ago, and the backups were as slow to open as the other files. I'll try to reinstall Publisher as soon as my latest file is loaded.
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