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  1. +1 Please could you take my vision seriously. First fonts become so small you are forced to keep buying new machines with Retina. I got my iMac 27 inch in 2013 and it is not Retina. I've had to make the resolution 2048 instead of 2560 just so I could see the tiny icons and stop getting close to the screen just to see what I'm doing with all that dark workspace. I've tried turning the brightness up in preferences, but there is only a subtle change. The icons are tiny or not bold enough. I've turned everything up to largest and brightest - looks like I have to be treated as an accessibility client! Most images and illustrations are medium to fairly light. So the contrast is too great. E.g. have you ever tried looking at your phone in the sun? Please see this as not so much a feature request, but more like an occupational health and safety one. I really do like using Affinity. However, I wish I could see the interface better.
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