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  1. I am running Windows 10. I did read that as well, but turning Windows Ink on/off in my tablet driver does not seem to make any difference Zooming in didn't work out either I am already using the stabiliser, tried both settings and with different length but the issue persists. Using a mouse seems to be somewhat smoother, but the jaggies are still present, just more blurred.
  2. The jaggies get more evident the closer the stroke angle is to horizontal/vertical. Around 45 degrees, edges are pretty nice and there's barely a difference. Zooming in on the strokes, it looks like Photo's anti-aliasing tends to be less aggressive, which results in jagged/sharper lines for steeper angles. I'm assuming this is the default behaviour, but I'm wondering if there's any workaround to this.
  3. Thanks for your input! Unless you're talking about some other setting that I'm not familiar with, increasing the document DPI does not change the result, AFAIK it just affects the physical size of the document.
  4. Hi all, I'm evaluating Affinity Photo (I'm a long time Designer user and absolutely love it) using the free 90 days trial before deciding on the purchase. I have an issue where a simple brush stroke in Photo will have jagged edges, it's most noticeable on certain stroke angles but it's generally very present. I am using a very simple brush, 80% hardness and 1% spacing. The problem does not seem to be affected by the stabilizer, or by using a tablet vs. a mouse. I tried searching the forums and I already made sure that my 'View Quality' is set to 'Bilinear (Best Quality)'. I drew a comparison using Krita, which displays a much smoother edge using an equivalent brush and stroke direction. Is there anything I can try to smooth those jaggies? Thank you.
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