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  1. Quote

    Thanks. I just added about 150 LUTS in Photo and it worked fine for me. Not sure what went wrong for you.

    That's strange then. I'm on a desktop Mac which I know shouldn't make a difference but, I'm going to try it on my Macbook Pro to see if that produces the problem as well; I'll report back...

    MacBook Pro: All seemed to work fine on the MBP and they are both running the same version of AP. What could be on my desktop Mac that is causing this to happen?

  2. Ok, I have some further information on my question: after deleting the LUT category I had created and then re-creating it with a smaller quantity of LUTs imported into it (10), the list does not become invisible after clicking the first LUT which leads me to wonder if there is a maximum number of LUTs that can be added to a category for it to function properly and not make the problem, described in my previous post above, appear. Does anyone know the answer to this?

  3. Having purchased a load of LUTs, I started to load them through the Applications panel as instructed earlier in this thread. I created a category, renamed it and imported the LUTs into it. All seemed to proceed as expected except that when I clicked on a LUT, it was applied to the image to give me a preview, however, all the listed LUTs in the category were no longer visible. They were still there as I could click elsewhere on the list to apply a different LUT but, I was clicking blind. I tried the same process in the Default category and this did not happen; all LUTs remained visible at all times. When entering the created category again, the list is visible once again but, after making the first LUT selection, the list disappears again and this is repeatable every time after exiting and re-entering the created category. Can anyone help or has anyone else experienced this problem?

    LUT List After.jpeg

    LUT List Before.jpeg

  4. I'm an AP newbie & Photoshop defector. I'm gradually learning how to set up AP and I've come across something that bugs me and I was wondering if there was a fix for this.

    I have set up an additional studio asset panel on the left of the screen but, if I click on a drop down menu to select a font, for example,, it is hidden behind the studio asset panel which is really infuriating. Does anyone know of a simple way to overcome this please?


    AP Menus.jpg

  5. I have just purchased AP and the first task that I tried to do was register this product. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to connect for registration to occur and instead kept telling me they were sorry and to try again or leave until later.

    I have tried several times and i don't have a weak wi-fi signal; can anyone tell me why this software won't allow me to do this?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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