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  1. Ok, well I updated the AP software to version 1.10 but, it doesn't rectify the situation.
  2. Hi Dan Sorry for the delay in responding, there's been afew things going on that have demanded my attention. I've just received a prompt to upgrade to 1.10 version of the software; will this rectify the situation?
  3. Hi Dan C Unfortunately, after placing this file at that location, it doesn't alter the situation and I'm still receiving the "We're Sorry" dialogue box.
  4. Hi Dan C Unfortunately, I'm still receiving the same dialogue box when attempting to register my software; I've attached the file fyi. Regards Graham.
  5. Thank you so much for putting this together. I'm sure this is going to be a well used document as I transition from Photoshop to AP! If it was a hard coopy, I'm sure it would be quickly dog-eared lol! All the Best!
  6. Pšenda, that worked but, I had to push the asset panel off the screen before the blue box appeared and then it snapped into place and drop down menus appeared on top. Thanks to Pšenda and Walt, I got it solved!
  7. Yes, I tried that and it was 'greyed out' so, I did a studio reset and the 'show studio left' option was now available, however, it still does not dock the panel with the font menu appearing behind the asset panel still. Is there a snap to grid command somewhere that I'm missing?
  8. Thanks for responding Walt but, I moved it around as you suggested and it didn't lock into place and I couldn't see any blue light. Is there a setting in preferences that I should be looking for to make it dock on the left side?
  9. I'm an AP newbie & Photoshop defector. I'm gradually learning how to set up AP and I've come across something that bugs me and I was wondering if there was a fix for this. I have set up an additional studio asset panel on the left of the screen but, if I click on a drop down menu to select a font, for example,, it is hidden behind the studio asset panel which is really infuriating. Does anyone know of a simple way to overcome this please? Thanks
  10. I have just purchased AP and the first task that I tried to do was register this product. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to connect for registration to occur and instead kept telling me they were sorry and to try again or leave until later. I have tried several times and i don't have a weak wi-fi signal; can anyone tell me why this software won't allow me to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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