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  1. Thx Ken for taking the time to look into it. When aligning things to the left and removing the tracking from the emphasized parts it reduces the missing spaces to a clear pattern: in front of W. Headline still remains an issue though - guess the bold type is causing the headache there. See the attached file. Nonetheless: While all projects I've done so far (in the 1.X versions though) look great in print and I never had the slightest issue with the print shops, anybody working with Affinity regularly will come across the demand of a web-ready PDF of that same project, that is small and accessible. And this demand is independent from working on a paid project for a customer or doing the new flyer for the elementary school of your children. So the PDF-export of Publisher being enabled to serve that demand as well will be crucial to its long term success. Thank you to everybody who took the time to look into this issue. I wish you all a merry and festive season 🤗 Spacing_left.pdf
  2. Here is the example page. Viewer used is Acrobat Reader - so the most common option people will use when accessing the PDF. As far as I can tell, this seems to be a problem with the tracking, since the highlighted passages in the lower text have extra space within words, where there is no space in the original. Areas, which optically appear "tighter", miss spaces. Tracking is 0 though except for the highlighted passages in italics in the lower textblock (+50). Fonts original bought at MyFonts. In the upper block there is two spaces missing between "Landtag MV keine". You have several missing spaces in the headline. An extra space I find at the end of the lower textblock in "(historische)" as example (the one easiest to find in the text). Exported as PDF digital high quality - with the standard settings delivered. Viewed with Acrobat Reader. Copy and paste into Word. You can reproduce the error with copying into Notepad as well. Using X4 with same result. I know I can get a version looking good printed out of Affinity Publisher. Been there, done that. But the customer also wants a digital version for the digital library. And this should also be flawless. Example_Spacing_Errors.pdf
  3. Exactly. Classic copy and paste from the PDF opened in Adobe Reader back to Word.
  4. Thx Mike for taking the time to look into the issue. I did just that - copy the text to Word with the effect of some - not all - spaces being missing. Right now I don't even see a pattern like a specific combination of letters, that might force a strange way of behaviour through using open type ligatures. Anyway - If I manage (whole family is sick right now), I extract one page with this error later.
  5. When exporting a project to PDF, the optical representation in the PDF ist correct, but spaces between words are now missing. This is an inacceptable behaviour, because the text should still be accecible completely in the PDF. A space is an invisible character, yet always part of the text. You can't just ommit parts of the content. And no, this should be completely independent from chosen font or anything. Screenshot showing the final PDF top and the extracted Text from the PDF put back into Word below. You can see the missing space. Have several errors like this, especially in headlines. Publisher 2.0.0, WIN 10, PDF export for digital usage (which makes searchability and usability of the text extremely important)
  6. Downloading now. Fixing the URL export problem will spare me a ton of extra work on a current project. Comes just at the right time. Cheers from Germany.
  7. The boxed versions of the Creative Suite stopped at CS6. Until then you could buy and own Adobe programs. Since then it is pay or die. We are now at version 14. Means it has been software as a service for more versions than it was software to own. Adobe has become sort of an industry standard over the years and they shamelessly exploit their monopoly. Want to use the creative suite? Sure! 670 bucks a year and nothing to keep once you stop paying... I still have a CS5.5 boxed version, but I did never regret having expanded into the Affinity universe. Comparing the price with what you get this is true bargain. Rocksolid tools to work with. And because this approach is very fair, they will have my support on 2.0 an beyond as well.
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