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  1. Hierarchical sections would go a long way toward solving a number of problems related to book structure, from automating running heads to assembling books from separate parts. A simple example is running heads. Say I have a book divided into several parts, each containing several chapters. Say I want the left page running head to say "Part 1" and the right one, "Chapter 3". As it stands now, I have to create a separate master page for each Part and manually enter its title (the right page's running head can use the <Section Name> field to insert the chapter names automatically). With hierarchical sections, I would only need a single master page for all Parts; its left running head would be a field, <Section Name level 0> and its right running head, <Section Name level 1>, or something similar. Please consider implementing this.
  2. I imported a 320-page IDML file made by CS5. It ended near the bottom of page 315, with the last 5 pages missing. I opened and examined the IDML file with a text editor to see if there was some unusual character at that point but found nothing unusual. Other IDML files import correctly; however, I don't have any files with that many pages, so I can't compare for length. The file is a published book, so I'm afraid I can't upload it. It contains text and photos. There's at least one odd glitch: in many cases, the letter 'v' appears as 'v ', but there is no actual space after the v. Also, when the v is capitalized, it renders as lower case. I worked around it by importing the PDF generated by InDesign.
  3. Best-of-breed would be nice, of course, but I'd settle for anything that doesn't force me to re-do all the work from scratch. I see two simple solutions (but maybe I'm missing something): - IDML files are essentially XML, which can be converted to HTML + CSS. - Since Publisher already understands RTF, maybe it wouldn't be too difficult to have it export it too. It's a good format to convert to ePub (or even just to HTML + CSS).
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