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  1. I've lost hope that any of Affinity team or mods is actually reading these feedbacks but nevertheless another proposition for a tool which would make AD ipad more professional: document properties at a glance (name, colour space, size etc.)...
  2. thanks.. I know about the home screen, thats how I do it...but sometimes (actually most of the time;-)) the project name is long and does not fit in there....I will request the "at a glance" feature....
  3. https://www.myfonts.com/pages/whatthefont
  4. where can I find the properties of each project in AD ipad at a glance? like size, colour space, name etc, txs
  5. hello, I have troubles changing the space in the standard grid....the distance always stays the same whatever I try to do, whatever number in centimeters I enter nothing changes....how would I do that...I urgently need a square grid with nine square compartments...txs
  6. @Sean P its now more than a year later...is there any news? txs
  7. happened to me, too...work of a day lost...so is there any update about a fix?
  8. AD ipad needs more genuine vector brushes...we all know there are only a few (to my knowledge and by info of Affinity support two) of the so called vector brushes indeed vectors...
  9. I need to push this request and want to include a request for a general better colour palettes management in AD ipad....including better pasting of colour codes, deleting Pantone Palettes and a search function e.g. I do all my artwork in AD ipad and in more than two years of doing that I have amounts of colour palettes with no possibilty to sort them, importing/exporting palettes and so on... I own AD desktop as well (and AP ipad) but dont want to make strange workarounds as I only use the ipad version...
  10. ah ok, thanks...I've overseen that AP was the topic of the threadauthor...but good to know anyway as I also have AP...
  11. could you pls post a screenshot? I use AD ipad in another language and cant find this function...txs!
  12. perfekt, das ist die Hauptsache :-)
  13. ok, I see....Im not completely sure if I understand "active" but in the end the colour I saved to my palette will be the colour in my vector drawing in cmyk, yes?
  14. txs! but why does it differ from the colour which I save after colourpicking? thats what I did: step one: colourpicking, step 2: saving this colour to my colour palette, step 3: colour looks different altough it is the colour from colourpicking...see shot...
  15. what is the meaning of the color circle on the right? i am working with a cmyk document in AD ipad...does this circle show me how the selected color (left circle) will look in cmyk? txs in advance
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