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  1. of course I have done all of this...pls dont underestimate your fellow ad users...txs...as none of the other apps I use including adobe fresco, procreate, sketchbook causes troubles like this I still believe this is a Affinity problem...and again I ask for a proper solution for this from serif staff..txs
  2. this concerns AD1: it takes all of the space on my ipad (even more than the storage capacity;-) see attachment...there are so many threads about this phenomen, could anyone of serif mods pls post a reasonable solution for this? this is getting ridiculous.--we bought a software and want it to work properly..txs ps: deleting and reinstalling and soft reset and and and and does not solve the problem on a long term...space fills up again in no time as this only happens with Affinity Designer apps pls dont tell me its an ipad/apple problem...txs
  3. which app are you using? in AD it should be very easy to recolour...
  4. I know.:-)..but I also want to let mods know that logged bugs are not forgotten...hence my question in the forum...and at the moment I dont have capacity to test in detail
  5. can the pantone palettes be deleted in AD Version 2 and AP Publisher? still havent purchased the new version yet...txs
  6. I still haven't purchased V2 yet because I'm not quite sure if it works well for my kind of use...but still consider purchasing V2...an important question: will add ons I purchased in the Affinity Store for AD V1 also work in V2? I hope very much so because I bought a font set (including small vector drawings)which is not longer available in the store...txs
  7. I appreciate your effort though I am afraid it is not exactly what I would need..txs anyway
  8. that sounds great....but I often mix languages or use new words or names of places...I hope this works too?
  9. could anyone confirm if this spelling check thing is now stickyin V2? txs
  10. could anyone pls tell/look if this is implemented in V2? I havent purchased yet...txs
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