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  1. Due to Lightroom 6 / Dreamweaver CS5, I'm still running OS10.14.6 on an Intel i5 iMac, because I'm not willing to pay the monthly subscriptions once upgrade from OS10.14.6. One thing I like the Lightroom is the "Edit in" can jump to Affinity Photo without hazel. Now thinking to have a M1 Mac Mini for more powerful processing but the Lightroom 6 no longer working with M1 and reluctant to subscript the Lightroom 2022. Any suggestion for photo library management app friendly to Affinity Photo for one click link.
  2. After update to macOS Monterey from Mojave, my photo management software Lightroom 6 no longer working. A replacement is in needed and for price and functions the Luminar AI seems a good deal, it can be library and handle raw editing. But one drawback, it can not “Edit in” like Lightroom as link to Affinity Photo. Any solutions to solve this problem, it is caused inconvince while working on batch photo. Thank you.
  3. Searching on YouTube about how to type vertical characters on Affinity Photo, found no demo and please anyone teach me how to type vertical characters. Thank you in advance.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE9xSHcH9jQ&ab_channel=PiXimperfect As seem the demo video use of PS Frequency Separation removed the winkles, some of my interior photography may due with the winkle bedsheet, found the Frequency Separation in Affinity Photo work differently from PS. May anyone teach me how to achieve the same result in Affinity Photo. Thank you in advance.
  5. The cross almost invisible while dark mode is performed. For adding type, still struggle to compare to PS. An single point arrow still not available. Please improve on upcoming update.
  6. Thank you so much, it works and the result show because of your kind advice.
  7. I followed the process of the demo video on YouTube as title of "Steal the Color Grading from Any Image", once I click on the color dropper as show on the photo point by the green arrow, it has no effect, hint I can't pick up the color from the swatch it was read from other photo as guide. Anything I do wrong or any function haven't switch on it caused the dropper not working. Please advise.
  8. Oh, thank you for your reminder, too use with PS, haven't select the layer, Thank you again. No, it doesn't. Only RGB.
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