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  1. Thank you so much for your advice and found the Ivan Weiss LUT pack as stated. One more question, when I attempt to add another LUT above the pervious LUT layer, no show, only add an empty Pixel layer it will function the new LUT layer. Am I doing anything wrong? Thank you again for your help.
  2. Purchased the Ivan Weiss LUT pack and all items show on My Account Window, while perform the LUT layer and "load LUT", none of Ivan Weiss LUT can find. As stated the LUT will install automatically since I'm purchased from the store. Please help.
  3. Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 Graphic Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB Affinity Photo 1.9.2 I'm try to upload onto the Assets of some texture in JPG format from my computer file store in the external drive, and pull it out like Ivan Weiss did in his demo video, all file being gray out as attached picture show. Am I do it in the wrong way or have a proper way to do so, please advise.
  4. In the shape tool, don't have a pointer like a single direction arrow, only a two side arrow found. I've to trim the other end to create a single direction arrow.
  5. Oh, thank you, I did save As Spare Channel, but after save, how to recall the selection as PS "Load Selections".
  6. So glad to migrate NikSoftware & Topaz to Affinity Photo it works seamlessly. To install NikSoftware (google version) https://www.photography-raw.com/install-nik-collection-plugins-affinity-photo/#:~:text=The Nik Collection plugins were,away in the installation process. For Topaz https://help.topazlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001129351-Serif-Affinity-Photo-Using-Your-Topaz-Labs-Plug-ins
  7. How to save selections inside the software like PS rather save in a file that may lose.
  8. The tools panel is position on the left-hand side as default, I'm the right-hander and running on a twin monitor that place all other panel on the second display to made room for the working image. Would it be possible to move the tools panel to the right-hand side like Photoshop.
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