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  1. Thanks very much for getting back. I've not used the beta any more since this happened but updated last week to 1.7. Let's see if it works.
  2. I would like to check back if you were able to replicate and adress this issue? Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Hi Sean, I did upload two files: .afdesign - this is the one which lost about two or three hours of work .pdf - this is the PDF I exported before quitting the app. By comparing it to the .afdesign file you can see how much was lost Both files are named Konsequent Basispraesentation.
  4. Hi Sean P, thanks for your reply. 1. application created Affiinity Designer directory (not file) 2. yes 3. yes 4. yes - just let me know where and how Best regard
  5. Hi there, I'm working on AFD Beta 1.7.11 on MacBook Pro from 2018 with Mac OS X 10.14.4 and have to report a very serious problem with file saving: After working for some days on a larger project I saved the file (to iCloud), exported a PDF and quit working for this day. The other day upon opening the file I was prompted with a dialogue box asking if I would like to restore from a previously stored version (like after a crash). Not thinking about I clicked ok and AFD opened a version of my file which reflected the status from tow days or so before – all subsequent work was lost and couldn't be restored. I made a copy of the file leaving the original file as it was, double checked all relevant settings (i. e. restoring intervall set to 300 seconds) and started again this time working on the copy. During work I manually safed on a very regular basis every few minutes. After being ready I once again exported my work as PDF, saved and quit the app. Upon restarting the app and reopening the working copy file, once again the file didn't reflect the last saved status (the one I exported the PDF from) anymore. This time not as many parts as before where lost, but all parts done within the last two hours of work before quiting were gone. Different to the day before no prompt appeared. I haven't used the Beta again since then but went back to 1.6.1 so I can't tell if this is file specific or not. But I can definitely confirm that the file was saved over and over again manually including the last version before quit (the one I exported the PDF from). I can also confirm there wasn't a crash or forced quit before this.
  6. @walt.farrell thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can’t post the picture in question to explain the task as I’m away from my desktop machine. In short, I have a portrait with an “atmospheric” background. I changed the aspect ratio of the canvas from 4:3 to 16:9. Now I need to fill this empty area I created with this background. Fill with inpaint failed as it always clones the person’s face as well.
  7. Dear all, I need to clone from a static source point with the clone tool in photo. In other words I want the source point to remain fixed where it was originally set instead of following the clone tools movement with a fixed distance while hovering over the target area. From what I understood from the docs, this behavior can be achieved by unchecking the “aligned” checkbox but this doesn’t work for me (actually checking or unchecking the box doesn’t seem to change the tools behavior at all. Bug or feature or my fault - don’t know). Is that possible? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Thank you very much for this comprehensive answer. Solved.
  9. Hi all, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around saving for web with export persona. I need to save for web in different sizes and for different screen resolutions. My filenames have to follow this naming conventions: myfile@2x.jpg myfile.jpg myfile_medium.jpg myfile_medium@2x.jpg etc. How can I achieve this? I know I can choose from presets like 2x in the slices panel in export persona. However, choosing 2x for example doubles the pixel size (in other words: interpolates the image) which is not what I want. I tried various other setting options without fully understanding it. Please have a look at the screenshot attached and you will understand my questions. Thanks for your help and replies!
  10. Photo Mechanic is great but it want´t work together with images saved as .afphoto for the reasons described above. No DAM on the market will — and that´s the No. 1 issue with Affinity Photo for pro users imho.
  11. You wan't find. The proprietary file format is the issue. This either needs to be addressed by Serif or a "native" DAM developed by Serif is required. No DAM on the market will overcome the boundaries build into the file format.
  12. Hi all, I've followed this thread and the other ones about DAM carefully, but a very simple question I feel isn't answered: how do you catalogue and manage images with the proprietary .afphoto file format? As far as I see, .afphoto files neither support metadata, nor sidecar files nor thumbnails bigger than low, low, low resolution finder thumbnails. So how do you rate pictures, how to you tag them with keywords, how do you sort them in collections (aka smart searches), how do you get a preview that let you do a quick look and rating? None of this seems possible with .afphoto files (apart from native finder methods that apply to all image files). I don't need a new DAM as a Lightroom replacement nor another raw converter. All I need is a way to catalogue thousands of images in a way described above. Something like Adobe Bridge or Graphics Converter supporting .afphoto files would be good enough. I feel this is a big disadvantage of .afphoto files that they doesn't support image file management. How do you solve this?
  13. Hello forum, I'm running AP 1.6.6 from the App Store on a MPB with Mac OS X 10.13.3. I have the Google Nik Collection installed on my machine and enabled it as a plugin for AP. Other image editors on my machine are Photoshop CS 6 and Graphic Converter 10. This setup worked fine for more than a year until today when I tried to open Settings -> Photoshop Plugins under AP settings panel. AP crashed immediately and does so again and again whenever I try to access the settings panel. So far I have done the following steps to solve the problem: uninstall AP and reinstall from the Appstore -> try to access AP settings -> crash uninstall Google Nik collection -> try to access AP settings -> crash reinstall Nik collection -> try to access AP settings -> crash This means, as for the moment, I can't access the settings panel without AP crashing no way what I do. Apart from this the app is working fine. Any ideas? Your help is very much appreciated! UPDATE: I've also moved com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist out of the library/preferences folder to no avail :-(
  14. 7 .afphoto files on my machine account for 1.5 GB. Sure, storage is cheap these days. But how to handle this with hundreds of pics and how (and where) to backup? Sorry, it does make a difference – at least for me.

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