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  1. I stretched a diamond shape and increased the stroke to use as a text separator. What do I have to do to insert it into text and be able to cut and paste it, center it on a line, etc., just like text, in the same layer as the text. It is sized to fit in a 10 pt text grid. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the help, Walt. Never got the BSOD. Event Viewer just showed "Unexpected reboot." Installed the software to read the mini-dump files. Nothing was specific enough to show the exact cause (my ignorance perhaps). Installing all the driver and hardware updates, including those in Windows Update, fixed the reboot problem. Looked at preferences and set the ram limit to 8 GB, with 16 GB on board still have plenty of room for everything else. Thanks again - Dan
  3. Thank you, Old Bruce, for taking the time to help me. This fix worked. Was able to set all the first section to ignore the baseline grid, and fixed the text frames to fit within the guides. Whew! Also set up the text frames on the Master for the second section, since that format will not vary throughout, and moved the existing pages to new pages using that format. his morning finally began adding new content. The third section will vary between one and two-columns, so will need new Masters that allow both, when the time comes. Thanks again - Dan.
  4. Uninstalled 1.91 and installed 1.90, still same problem with the crashing. Not too late to start over if this file is beyond help.
  5. I meant the Baseline Grid. Adding the 10-pt gridlines double-spaced all the text in the first section (it is 12 pt and the second section is 9.5 pt text). I did not define columns in the Masters. I used guides on the facing pages so could set up single-column text boxes in the first section. In the second section the master pages have the column headings and page number test frames, and the guides . I set up the six facing columns on the first page and then duplicate it and add text. Unclear about setting up text frames on a master, that would be better but was unsure from the doc
  6. The further I get into the is project the more issues appear. My book is in three sections. All text, no graphics. The first is about 20 pages and is all single column type. I opted to control the type using paragraphs to save the grid manager for the second section. The second section will be about 350 pages, has 3 (unequal) text columns on the left hand page that mirrors 3 text columns on the right, using gridlines so entries line up across the 6 columns. Of course, turning on the gridlines screwed up the first section. I can turn off the grid in each text box, no big deal, but t
  7. They do have this in Publisher but it doesn't seem to work. Was hoping to find a step-by-step here - they omitted that from the workbook,. Show what options to check, but no "Apply" button or whatever to get the text to wrap.
  8. My Windows 10 computer reboots when using Affinity Publisher. Maybe 40-60 minutes into the session. It has never rebooted unexpectably before. I am only working with master pages and pages having text only. Found one post a few days ago that suggested to set the display to the one we use instead of Windows default, that has been done. Still reboots. Also, the first time this happened there was a recovery file saved so I could restore unsaved changes. Since that first time no recovery file has shown up. Is this a setting somewhere? Thank you.
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