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  1. Thanks Dan. I was trying to avoid having to create two boxes. One for my placed artwork and another box to constraint the wrap position. But it is good to know that that is an option if I have to go that route.
  2. In Affinity Publisher 1.10.5 on Mac I'm trying to wrap text around picture frame that has rounded corners. I'm having trouble getting the text to conform to the rounded corners. In Text wrap > show text wrap settings... > I have tried both Wrap style of Tight and Edge but still get what I have illustrated in my image. Is there a way to get the text to come in tighter to the dark red lines I have added for reference?
  3. I thought I should report back that I tried out the Affinity Photo Beta today ( - RC1) to see if it would open the files mentioned in my post. I'm happy to report back that the files do now open the Beta version. Thanks! - Scott
  4. I thought I should report back that I tried out the Affinity Photo Beta today ( - RC1) to see if it would open the files mentioned in my post. I'm happy to report back that the files do now open the Beta version. Thanks! - Scott
  5. Today I re-created the Affinity Photo file (87.5MB in size) and managed to export a decent usable PDF before closing the file. But on trying to re-open the file, the file does what the other one did - gives me the rainbow spinner and never fully loads before showing that the application is non-responsive. I had to once again force quit and still I'm unable to open the file. Is there a resource for Affinity Photo that could help me understand What things eat up more of affinity brain power (CPU and memory)? Does a file that is force-quit tend to get corrupted? what is considered a larger file for a computer with 16MB of RAM? Is there some way to see the amount of RAM consumed by a file while open directly within Affinity applications?
  6. I have a file that I made today that appears relatively small in size (435KB) but that I am no longer able to open. What steps should I take to troubleshoot? The file does contain lots of layers with the 3D layer effect applied, two vector masks and 9 linked files, each 150KB or smaller each but placed many times in the main file. I am attaching an image that contains the details about my Mac System. I'm currently using Affinity Photo 1.9.0 I have also tried opening the file in Affinity Designer with no positive results of it opening the file. I am able to open other files I built today in Affinity Photo, including the linked files I placed in my main file. Steps I'm taking to try an open the main file: Launch Affinity Photo abd see the interface > Select Open > Select my main file (linked files are in the same folder) after a minute I can begin to hear the fan kick in on the computer and then see the rainbow spinner appear. I have waited up to 20 minutes and still the file does not open so I then force quite the app closed I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance. - Scott
  7. Thanks @firstdefence for pointing out this other method of masking. I can see it being used in various ways that the other method might now work as well.
  8. @MickRose Would you be able to provide steps on how I get the mask layer in place to then apply a gaussian blur to the mask?
  9. Thanks @anon2 works great. Adding an image to help other find the location since there is a Tools within Keyboard Shortcuts section too. This is where I was looking originally.
  10. two parts related to selecting objects... Suggestion: Within Affinity Designer Help, under "selecting objects", it states what modifier keys to use in selecting an object by dragging over only a portion of the object instead of having to drag marquee over the entire object. It took me a bit to realize that in order for this to work you first need to start the dragging of a maquee before clicking the Control key modifier. I might suggest adding to the below statement within help: As you drag a selection marquee, pressing the selects objects which are only partially covered by the selection marquee. Be sure to begin your drag of the marquee BEFORE pressing the CTRL key. This behavior can be made the default in Preferences*. Question: Help suggests that you can change this behavior to be the default in Preferences but I'm not understanding where in references this change needs to be made? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  11. @GarryP Thanks for forcing me into the rubber duck mode of communication with myself to work it out. It turns out I wanted a gaussian blur on the object. I have attached a screenshot for those who might come across this thread later asking a similar question.
  12. How does one feather the edge of an object in Affinity Designer. I'm seeing a smudge tool that kind of gives me what I want but I really want something that does a feather evenly around the entire object?
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