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  1. Hey Mike! I'm just trying this now. When I get to step 3 and click back on to my new text frame, Publisher automatically accepts the number I typed into the Left indent box. I created a new document, new text Frame, placed a number (2) and nothing else on the left indent box, when I click on back on the text Frame, not left indent is set to 2 px. Same thing for the Paragraph Leading, but it automatically takes "pt" values. for example I typed 12345 as you suggested. Then clicked on the text frame and Publisher automatically added pt at the end (os as far as is possible the currently read) I have now managed to adjust the Paragraph Leading, So there's progress!! Although the UI is still scrambled... Thanks for you help Mike! Juan.-
  2. Not sure if this ie the right place to report bugs? It not, Admin can you move the appropriate space? The ui is screwed up and it won't recognise adjustments. Thanks! Juan.-
  3. Another +1 ... is there a feature request thread on this somewhere?
  4. Hey All! Been working on a template for exporting logo files for clients and thought I'd share it here so we can maybe work on improving it together? FILE: Logo Exporter Template CMYK V1.afdesign The idea is that the export persona is already set up to create folders and files for the different parts of the logo and the different colour models. What works: Folders and colour gamuts are exported easily and swiftly (more on this below) It's easy to resize the artboards to fit a new logo. It saves me a generous amount of time! Cheaper than other plugins for other apps with similar functionalities. 😉 -- A few things I'm struggling that could do some help with: 1. File naming The naming convention I am after is the following: "clientname-logoelement-colour-gamut.extension" I managed pretty much everything, by renaming the artboards, and manually updating the export slices. But I can't find a way to replace "clientname" with the name of the afdesign file. 2. Colur gamuts / modes When working form a RGB afdesign file there are limitation on exporting certain files to CMYK - for example EPS only export in the original afdesign file setup. But when working from a CMYK base file (like the attached) the file conversion options are more friendly. A NOTE ON THIS: Although we all know that is best practice to adjust these conversions manually I'm trying to make something that will save me time. Perhaps there is b better way to automate this with the use or symbols or global colours - I'm yet to discover (new to affinity here) 3. Symbols / global colours I'm not very versed on these yet, so would appreciate any suggestions on how using these can help the exporting process, colour settings. Have a go at using it and hope it saves you some time! J.- PS: Dear moderator, if this belongs on a different thread please advice accordingly.
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