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  1. Thank you both for your solutions. GarryP thats so straightforward- ideal for what I need, thanks very much.
  2. Hi, Please can someone advise if it is possible to achieve this result in Affinity Photo. The process in Photoshop requires opening the channels panel and using the move tool to drag each channel to the side as needed. I cant translate this directly into AF Photo and I'm sorry as I don't know what this technique is called I have been unable to find the answer when searching. Perhaps someone could send me in the right direction please? TIA
  3. I did try this first but it didn't work for me the photo is vanishing completely... I cant work out what I am missing.
  4. Thank you Timo I have got to what I wanted playing with the shapes, if anyone else is interested to read the steps- make the shape of your "frame" with the shape tool (U), place your photo into the document, drag the shape to be a child layer of the photo, then use Effects (on the photo rather than shape- so upper most layer in the group) to add an Outline to act as the edge of the frame. This is one of those tasks that is easier if you can stop yourself from copying the Photoshop steps and just roll with Affinity's strengths, I'm very much still getting used to the differences
  5. Apologies if this has been asked I felt sure there would be help elsewhere but have searched and searched, Is there a Frame Tool in Affinity Photo? I feel I must be missing something obvious. I am thinking of an equivalent to the Photoshop function where you can get simple quite quick ways to make a stroke edge around a shaped box (containing a photo) within the canvas? Thanks
  6. As Mark has done, I'm commenting to let you know this happened to me too today, so another 6 months later and with up to date software. The fix still works too. :)
  7. If anyone visits here again, like I did, the New Panorama option and it coped with the blurry background very well. Initially I tried to do it via stack to no avail.
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