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  1. For my needs - Affinity Photo is great. The only flaw I've found for the time being is panorama stitching / Brenizer method (I've reported about it here).
  2. How do you know it was designed that way? So what you say is - I can stitch my 360 panoramas in AP instead of PTGui? I didn't know that technique. I chose the Brenizer method because I known it and youse it quite often. I know it can give more Mpx - the final product is supposed to be used to produce miniature copies of the painting, but one never know when more solution will comes handy in such assignments. And since that was the only good technique I knew I used it. Brenizer method not only can produce shallow depth of field images. Actually when I think of it - it is quite similar to superresolution technique - taking many pictures and stitching them together. But in this case there is no need to enlarge pictures with an app, since I have enlarged pictures from the beginning. I could not use any scanner - its oil painting, not negative or already developed picture - harsh light could damage the paint. I've finally stitched the image - in... Photoshop (I've reinstalled it since during pandemia it's free for few months). PS did awesome job, and I didn't have to correct anything. So in terms of panorama stitching AP is still not the 100% tool for me. Sadly Still I'm not thinking of going back to PS.
  3. I did. I hope that Affinity Photo developers wont let it be, as is right now and will take care of panorama stitching. If the only solutions for those issues will be sending out to other programs it won't end up well for the AP. Mamy people thouhgt (I did for sure) that AP will be alternatve for PS (I even think it was advertised like so). And if it's going to be alternatve it has to upgrade. I've read the other day that there may be not many big updates of AP up untill v.2.0. If so I just hope that 2.0 won't be long.
  4. Actually it's 17 photos. The painting was laying on the table, the camera was on a tripod above. I was shooting with 23 mm @f5.6, ISO 400, 0.2 sec, and 10 sec. self-timer before every frame. I was moving the tripod with the camera over the painting overlapping ~50% of the frame (I've double-checked it). No shallow depth of field - I didn't needed it. I wanted the shots to be sharp and detailed. And that's how the are. The problem is with stitching. I have free version of PTGui (it watermarks the final photos). I didn't wanted to buy it because I's quite expensive for pro bono job, and I thought I could stitch it in AP. Doing it manually, or making few panoramas and stitching them one by one... guys! Common! AP has stitching panoramas function. It should be able do stitch it. Unfortunately in AP one can not choose method of stitching :( And it doesn't do well with auto settings unfortunately :( There was no issues like that in Photoshop. Is there going to be fix in 1.8/1.9 version? Or do I have to wait till AP 2.0 ??
  5. I've been asked to make high detail photo of a painting. I've decided to make it happen using Brenizer panorama method. I've made ~15 pictures and puted them into Affinity Photo panorama stiching. Affinity Photo does not stich them together. And more preciselly - it either stich half of the photos and put the rest of them as an underlaying layers or - it stiches all the photos horyzontally witch makes no sens at all. At first I thought that maybe I miss some photos and that's the result. Do I've checked in PTGui and it generates Brenizer panorama no problem. Can you help me to solve the problem? Brenizer method is important to me. I'd like to use one app than few to do the job done.
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