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  1. I found the iOS version too limiting. And you can’t just work on files in a folder: you have to import full copies of the photos into either a RawPower library or Apple Photos library. That really annoyed me, along with not being able to have the library anywhere other than the home drive of the iOS device, which inevitably means the home drive will fill up before long for the keen photographer. The MacOS version is probably far more flexible. Cheers
  2. Yes, it’s clear alright. Clearly, even though I only ever use it on one machine, changing hardware is going to cost me 80 dollars unnecessarily. Got it.
  3. Why? All the other software providers I mentioned don't put up such unnecessary barriers. Surely they understand the issue, and the answer isn't 'gotcha'?
  4. Hi, my MacBook died and I bought a PC (tough times...) I can no longer use my Affinity Photo licence on a Mac. Quite happy if it gets cancelled TBH. So I need to transfer it to my PC. Been having no problems making the transfer from my purchased Mac OS licences to PC for numerous commercial products: FastRawViewer, RawDigger, VueScan, JRiver Media Center, for example. But how do I do it for AP? thanks
  5. You must be rich! $466 for a single-user all-cameras licence.
  6. If one is going third party, might as well go digiKam (free, multiplatform) and save $129 up front. I thought the point here is an Affinity DAM that integrates with AP. cheers
  7. I know how you feel. I think we deserve a little more feedback from the software team.
  8. You have a bigger problem. The 650M card has been disabled by Apple since 2017/18, due to some disagreement about licensing between Apple and Nvidia. By now I have given up on hoping that there will ever be a resolution and an updated graphics driver that re-enables the 650M. cheers
  9. As deeply as I sympathize with this (firm) request, and welcome it, I cannot help but think that it would never have happened if only Serif were a little more forthcoming. At the start of this thread, Serif staff said that the DAM is "planned". A mealy word that invites misunderstanding. An invitation that was accepted. 20 months later Serif staff said, again in this thread, that the DAM is on a long list of to-do's and in front of it lie "Affinity Designer for iPad, Affinity Publisher and next betas/updates to Affinity Designer and Photo for desktop (1.7)." This looked like a substantial setback for eager followers. Another 15 months have passed, and it looks to me like all those prior projects are done. So, what are we to think? Does that mean it is at the top of the to-do list? Or have another four major projects arisen and pushed it back again? How about giving us a crumb, please? Preferably something not agonizingly vague. I respect your need not to over-commit. But it has been a long wait, with mixed signals. Don't we deserve some news? Something that is fair to both Serif and us? regards
  10. "Plans" means nothing. You should see some of my plans! Like I said, people might have misled themselves.
  11. I really can't agree with this, "AP in this thread led customers to believe that a DAMwas in the cards in near future". People might have misled themselves, but all I ever saw from Serif/AP years ago about DAM in Affinity Photo, was a statement that it was on a list of things that they might get around to looking at one day, but it was definitely not on their priority/action list, and don't expect anything any time soon. As far as I can tell, it has never gotten onto their priority/action list, and they have never said that it has. cheers
  12. Thanks, that's very interesting. And a little bit exciting.
  13. @GFS that's great, but is there any means today, or possibility in the future, for a Lightroom user to go over to Photos without losing everything? At least keeping keywords/tags and star ratings? I appreciate that keeping Collections is probably a bridge too far. cheers
  14. Wow, that's enormously disappointing to hear, 3 years after heaing it's planned. Skylum first hinted that they were working on a DAM late 2017, and apparently it is on the verge of launch. Maybe you could have given a better hint into timing, so people can plan their photo software strategy. It's no minor matter.
  15. I should add that a vastly superior third party open source raw developer for Sigma Quattro X3F files exists here: https://github.com/Kalpanika/x3f It might worth studying this as a guide to better Affinity processing. Or even engage with the developers. cheers
  16. This issue pertains to the Sigma dp0 Quattro which I own, and almost certainly also pertains to these other Sigma cameras on the Supported list: dp1 Quattro, dp2 Quattro, dp3 Quattro, sd Quattro. The problem is the same in Affinity Photo 1.4.3 and 1.5 Beta 6, installed on my Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2012 with Sierra OS. I want to thank the Dev team for tackling Sigma cameras at all. I know other Sigma camera owners are also grateful, as hardly anyone is tackling the Sigma X3F raw files in their raw processors, and the Sigma software is slow, ungainly and has very limited features. I also encourage the Dev team to tackle the current-model Quattro cameras I listed above, before tacking older Sigma cameras. THE PROBLEM: the rendered output has a very poor appearance when zoomed in. Even though the files are the full resolution, they look as if a 'coarse effect' or a 'low-resolution overlay effect' has been applied. The effect is so severe that the files really are unusable for Sigma camera owners. I have posted sample images including comparison with the straight-out-of-camera JPEG images, here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58608616 Please compare the camera JPEG with the Affinity file at 100% to see the magnitude of the issue. I am calling this a bug because, even though Affinity Photo 'works', it produces something unusable due to image quality issues. thanks
  17. I'm posting as a beginner. I would like to be able to synthesise the effect of a wide-aperture lens. I assume it involves accurately selecting the area that I want to remain sharp, then working on the unselected area. I would like to be able to transition the effect, either sharply (near subject against a distant background), or smoothly (subject against a receding background). thank you
  18. Hi, new buyer here, also rather new to powerful image editing, so assume minimal experience please. Micro Four Thirds raw files (Panasonic .RW2, Olympus .ORF) contain embedded lens correction information. Does AP apply these corrections when opening the files? If not, how do I get them to be applied? thank you
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