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  1. Hi Matt! I definitely have pressure working in pixel mode. I've also had success in the Draw Persona with the pencil tool. I'm still having difficulty with the brush tool. I'm actually pleased with the way the pencil tool is working, so I haven't really dived back into the brush settings. Jon
  2. jonnyfreedom

    Add Pantone colors in Affinity Designer

    No problem, Nazario! Hopefully this helps other members, too!
  3. Hi, There's a function hidden away in Illustrator that I actually use often. It's "Paste Remembers Layers." This is a frequent scenario I encounter: usually I work in separate documents in order to create a finished piece. Lots of layers. Then I paste what I've done into the one "Master" piece. I'd like to retain the layers I created. Is this functionality in the software and I'm missing it? Or perhaps slated for a future version? Thanks!
  4. jonnyfreedom

    Add Pantone colors in Affinity Designer

    Replying to my own thread. You can export color books as ASE through Photoshop. Simple!
  5. jonnyfreedom

    Add Pantone colors in Affinity Designer

    Hi All, I'm happy I stumbled onto this thread, but here's my dilemma. The Adobe Color Converter that you link to won't run on my Mac. (Using 10.11, which is probably why. D'oh!) Also, that Windows app won't run on my PC. So, I searched to no avail for some sort of Color Book Converter, but I can't find any options. Suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Hi. New to Affinity Designer (and the forums.) I've been searching in the forums as well as the net, and I can't really figure out why the pressure-sensitivity isn't registering. I've tried to set my Controller set to both "Automatic" and "Pressure." Sometimes (rarely) it works - other times there is no obvious difference. I've also set the "Size Variance" to 100%. Any suggestions? Thanks!