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I can't get my Wacom Intuos pressure to work.

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Hi.  New to Affinity Designer (and the forums.)  I've been searching in the forums as well as the net, and I can't really figure out why the pressure-sensitivity isn't registering.  I've tried to set my Controller set to both "Automatic" and "Pressure."  Sometimes (rarely) it works - other times there is no obvious difference.  I've also set the "Size Variance" to 100%.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Hi jonnyfreedom,


If the pressure is working at all, I'd expect it to work consistently - rather than intermittently? :S  Can you try entering the Pixel Persona and choosing the Brush Tool - now click the button on the context toolbar that forces pressure to affect brush nozzle size. Try drawing with this tool - does it respond to pressure correctly? If so, you know that pressure is definitely working correctly. If not, try checking to see if there is an update Wacom driver available.


If pressure is working correctly for you in the pixel tools and not in the vector tools then you may be seeing a rather extreme version of what some other users are seeing - which is that the auto smoothing of their pressure input is not always very helpful - something which I will resolve as soon as possible.


Please let me know how you get on with this - I'm sure we can get to the bottom of it :)


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Hi Matt!


I definitely have pressure working in pixel mode.  I've also had success in the Draw Persona with the pencil tool.  I'm still having difficulty with the brush tool.  I'm actually pleased with the way the pencil tool is working, so I haven't really dived back into the brush settings.



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