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  1. Hello Lee D, thank you for the answer. I have checked the source files. They are all there. when I doubleclick on the file, the "afphoto" File will be opened. It looks like that Affinity Photo "forgets" to load the Image. Because when I export the "blurry" preview the picture is like it should be (sharp, crisp). I mean when I forcefully rename / move one linked file, Affinity tells me that when I open the File. It says "Missing Resource(s)". So it seems that Affinity checks the Resources and everything is fine but it don´t load them fully. I mean this bug is only in the Edit, when you export the Picture it is as it should be. Annoying bug in this file. Because our Template for our Online Shop with over 30+ Linked files does not have this bug (The difference are: The Template has some embedded Texts and Art. Size: 180 MB. Linked Files are on another Network Drive. The "Buggy" File (Size: 31 MB and no Texts / Art, just Linked Images) is located on the Same Network drive as the Source Files.)
  2. Hello People, We use Affinity Photo 1.10.5 with Windows 10 21H1. I have the Problem that I have created a File, 2000x2000 Pixel as a Template for our Online-Shop, our Partners etc. In this File I place the Affinity Files of our Products (Product Shots) and also the "Mood Pictures" / Atmosphere pictures. They are linked because I can Edit the Source Affinity File and the changes are applied to every File. So this works Perfect in our Front Page Template (180 MB) and this File contains mostly Linked Resources 30+. The Loadtime is longer, sure it needs to load every Resource. The new File, 2000x2000 Pixel Product Shots, will sadly load a lot faster (ok only 5 Linked Resources at the moment), because the Pictures are blurry. When I click on the Image I can open the original and it is sharp. But to get this Sharp Image in the new File, I must zoom in / out and the Picture is sharp. Hope this Bug will corrected. I assume that Affinity wants to load the File as fast as possible and large / big linked Resources will be stored with a small Resolution so Affinity can load the full Resource in the Background. I mean I know why Affinity does this, like 100 Resources with 150 MB each will make a huge load on the Network Traffic. But maybe add a Toggle that says "Load all Resources in the File at Full Resolution. WARNING: Will result in much longer Loadtimes and more Network Traffic."
  3. They are all stored on the NAS for easier Backup. Sure I will prepare the Sheet for you. Edit / Update: The Error get away when I link the images on my local PC (SATA SSD). Funny Thing is, that the "missing" File was not even the large one. Is is "only" 10 MB large and files like 50 MB are not reported missing. "Funny" is when you SEE the Picture in Question in the Preview, was missing, and Publisher still says "missing Resource". But hey good news: You can replicate the Error the following way: 1. Create a Publisher File with an Excel sheet linked 2. Place the Picture-Frames / Fields on the Publisher file 3. In the Excel Sheet link the Pictures to an Network-Share (Either \\nas\... or if mounted in Windows "H:\...") 4. The Linked Pictures are afphoto Files. Those Files contain Linked, NOT embedded, Images for Position correction. (They can be afphoto files or psd Files) 5. Save the Excel File. 6. Refresh the Publisher Data merge with Preview mode. 7. You should now see the Files and some of them should be marked missing in the Checklist. This will work. Our NAS is one from Synology and it is "slow" so only 50-80 MB/s read / write. But we don´t need more. Because the "Error" is not present in the export File (or when the files are local), I assume that there must be a "timeout" when Publisher checks the file.
  4. Yeah that is stange. The File is an Excel sheet not a csv File. The Pathes are all valid Widnows 10 Pathes. The "old" ones have pathes like "\\nas\folder\product\file.afphoto" and the new ones "J:\Folder\product\file.afphoto" But hey when the Export works I´m happy. Maybe this will be fixed in some later Patch.
  5. Yes you do understand me correctly. When the picture field is empty it will return a "0" in the Cell. But When I click on the missing Resource it points me to existing Pictures.
  6. Hello, I have now finished our new and fully modular Product Catalogue. It works with an Excel sheet that has every Information needed. Sadly Publisher can´t recognize an empty field. It is very bad, when you have a Listing. But you can also use another Method. But anyway. Here is my "Problem": In the Document that has the Data merge active there are no Errors. When I let Publisher create the whole thing it works but the Checklist gives me a huge List of "missing resource" errors. When I check the "manage resources" there are no Problems. Funny thing is, that the "missing resource" is there and Publisher can even open the file (there are all afphoto files). When I export the Catalogue to PDF it will warn be about the missing resources but when I ignore it and export it and check, everything is there and nothing is missing. Question: Has Publisher Problems to check for the resources? I mean the whole Excel sheet has, if fully loaded, 2350 Datas that needs to be read. Most of them are Text but 250 are Pictures (most of them 4k or 8k and in afphoto). Maybe there should be a longer delay to check if everything is there because this "Error" is simply not one.
  7. I can go with it, but when you open a CR2 File with an XMP-File attached Affinity Photo should be able to read the XMP-File. It is a simple text File and sorry but crs:Temperature="5650" for example is the same as the Affinity Temperature set to 5650. We "simply" need a Reader that reads those values and apply it to the CR2 File. You can even Save this as afcr:Temperature="5650" to a new File called afcr This should be the easiest way. Sure some Fields can´t be copied from the XMP-File but the "basics" can be.
  8. Sadly only complete manually. Affinity Photo can Read the dng File fine, but it needs some fine tuning. The White Balance must be corrected and the Temperature should be corrected if the Lights are not true White. An don´t change the Slider just down below it: Tint (Tönung in German). The Slider will only go to 50 % IF you change it by hand. The pre-defined 80 % are fine (but there should be an override to 100 % if wished). For the Lens Correction: No you can´t use the P20 Pro because the Sensor is not compatible. Other Corrections like Chromatic Aberration can be done. Keep in Mind that the 40 MP raw File of the P30 Pro needs some work to look really good. Lightning is the Key (low ISO!). And shoot in "Pro Mode" if you have focus Problems and adjust it by hand. For us it works good. We had an old Canon EOS 500D, yes it is 12 Years old, and the P30 Pro has the Advantage of the 40 MP. Sure The Sensor on the Canon is Huge but 15.1 MP is still "only" a 4770 x 3178 px Picure compared to 7296 x 5472 px. The size does not matter but when you correct Details it does matter. We have seen that the Canon "blurs" more and even with turned down ISO the Picture gets some Grain Effect. The P30 Pro has the Color "Problem" that you can correct in the development. Hope I could help you.
  9. Hello, we have created our Product Catalogue with Publisher and the Data-Source is an Excel Sheet. That works very well. Some kind of Logic would be great (like if "field" = empty then nothing else place table) But what about the TOC, Table of Content? How can we also automate this? Our Catalogue has one Page for each Product, so the System could Read it. But when we click on Merge we must also refresh the TOC. Ok no big Deal. But how can we Format the TOC with the Data Merge?
  10. I think the Problem is that Affinity expects an RGB Picture, but the Huawei P30 Pro shoots 40 MP RAWs in RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) Mode. You must correct the Colour Profile, then the Picture will be fine. This should be fixed, because sadly a very old 16 MP DLSR Camera can´t compete with the Sensor of the Huawei IF you have a very good Lightning. Hope this will be resolved.
  11. I can´t assume any complications. When the record is empty Publisher will ignore / write "" in it. So it is up to the User to fill the source File. I think the best would be, if Publisher gets some sort of "Logic" like: If <mergefield1> = "" or NULL then "" else <mergefield1> and those Fields are formated. If there are empty, the field will not be skipped. For an count / specification-List it would be great. At the moment, if you have a record with 8 fields and another with 7, the 8. will only be the "dot" and nothing there. This is the only thing we are missing. Currently we have an excel sheet that gets the Source-files, format and arrange them with Formulas and link that file to Publisher. It is a Product Catalog. Perfect tool. You can even Point to an "afphoto"-File that will be linked in the Document and displayed there -> Picture frame.
  12. Yes this should be great, but sadly not yet available. We use the Data Merge also and yes the missing "if and / or then x else y" part is bad but we added our Excel-Table that those Parts can be processed in Excel. I assume that this will be also added later, but hey when I look to Adobe... Well it has taken them much longer to get the Merge Function running. Before that is was a simple "copy Excel to Indesign with no Link" Feature.
  13. Hello, I´m not a native English speaker so sorry for any spell-errors. We have also looked into the whole Affinity Suite and are very impressed of it. I mean non-Discount you pay 150,- € for a worthy Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Program. This is WITHOUT any Subscription. Let´s assume Affinity releases a new Major Version every year. WHEN you need the new Features it will cost you at max 150,- € per Year (or 12,5 € per month). When deals like Black Friday and others come you pay as low as 60,- € for the 3 Programs together... Lets look at Adobe: Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign will cost you as a Single Version EACH 23,19 € per MONTH. Ok there is the Full Suite that "only" costs 57,99 € per Month. That means you will always get the newest Updates for "free" but you pay 695,88 € per Year in order to use these Programs. If you stop paying you can´t use them anymore. So Affinity costs at max with 1 Major release every year 150,- € and if I don´t want / need it, I can still use your purchased Software. Adobe costs me 695,88 € per Year and if I stop paying I can´t use any Program. I mean this is the worst case and I assume that "Upgrade" Packages will be cheaper when there is a new Major Version. Let´s Assume you Purchased Affinity in 2015 (Windows Release). That means to this day: 150,- € for all 3 Programs from Affinity -> Free Updates. If you used Adobe on the other hand you had payed 3.479,40 € for the 5 Years... Let that settle in. Good Software is worth the Money and 150,- € NON-DISCOUNT for those 3 are really worth it. I mean with the last Discount they were 21,- € each... That costs as much as a Trip to the Cinema 🤣
  14. Hallo @John Rostron thank you for the welcome, sorry for the late answer. I have worked in the past days alot with the Affinity Products and they work great. Regarding your Answer, well I have used / tried to use the Programm, but every time I want to chance an Icon it gives me an Error that says "Error 2: The System can´t find the specified File." The Icon File lays in the Documents Folder next to the Program file. But hey I assume that it is an error in Windows 10 Version 2004... Maybe we will get Individual File Icons from the Developer Team soon. I mean the Port to Apple Silicon is not time consuming 😋 and that comes from a Person who don´t use Macs but is very exited to see the new Apple Silicon.
  15. Hello again, This "Freeze" is normal. Since AP is not reporting back to Windows that it does something, Windows thinks it froze. You can check in the Task-Manager if there is CPU / SSD Activity from the AP Programm. This happens very often when any Programm works very hard (This happend to us in many Programs). But it is good to know, that the System now works fine.
  16. Hello, Is is possible that you run out of Storage on your Working drive C? Another Option is maybe that the HDD is too slow and so Affinity Photo must wait to long. (Even when you have the File it will take at least 58 Seconds to Load the complete File from a HDD). I have blown up our picture to 30.000 px x 20.000 and it is "only" 800 MB big... even our Largest file (2,5 GB PSB-File -> 900 MB Affinity Photo) is only going to 2,7 GB Filesize and this is with a lots of changes. This all works perfectly. But the Big File needed over 3 Minutes to Save and this is on an SSD. Maybe @LunaticS0UL is right and the HDD is Formated as FAT32 so the largest possible File can only be 4 GB and everything above will be destroyed. Because I assume that Affinity Photo can´t say how big the file will be, the file will be reported damaged if it trys to save.
  17. Sadly we can´t test the Data Merge Feature currently, because we are still using the Test-Versions of the Affinity Software. But the Data Merge Feature was the one key Feature that was missing from Indesign. Fun Fact: Publisher could IMPORT the Indesign File with the Links Excel Tables and they also showed as "Table" in the Layer-Sction but the Link was gone. A little Question: Is it possible to Link to more than one Sheed in an Excel File? For Example we have a Excel Documents with 15 Sheeds, so can we use the Data Merge to Link one Sheed to a different Master-Site? Site 1, Sheed 1 Site 2, Sheed 2 etc. I know that this is more like Linking Data to a Document than Merging but hey, Solutions must be found. 😁
  18. Hello, We are currently using the Affinity Photo and Publisher Version in the Test-Mode. They both look very promising. Affinity Photo is the first Program that we found that can handle PSD-Files with Layers and is still able to read / write them. I mean even our "Benchmark" File that is a PSB-File with 2,5 GB Size is handled perfectly. Sure we must fine tune some Elements afterwards but hey 95 % was imported correctly. The last 5 % are only minor details that took 5 Minutes to "change". Out biggest "Downside" with Affinity Photo is this one: The Software uses the same Icon for every supported Filetype. Why is there not an Icon for a PSD, a RAW etc. File? That would make the Software nearly perfect. Yes I know this is maybe a minor detail, but hey sorry that this is so far the only Downside we found.
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