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  1. Visiting this web is one of my daily tasks to know if you are uploaded new videotutorials. It is great to have such variety of videos helping us to understand how Affinity Photo works. Now, with the practice files you are going a step forward to help even more your users to understand videotutorias. Thanks a lot for your support. This software worths every penny I have pay for it.
  2. Hi, I already follow Affinity on Twitter, and this is a good reason to retweet that!!! Good luck!!!
  3. Hi. I bought Affinity Photo on July of this year and I was impressed for the quality and power of this app. I kept using Photoshop for panorama stitches and other minor issues, as AF gave me all I needed. Now, with this new update I think I can erase PS from my MBP and I will not miss it. Congratulations for your work. This app is just amazing. And now, I have the opportunity to buy Affinity Designer with a discount, something I did not some months ago... As soon as I arrive my home I will purchase it too. Bye Cecilio
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