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  1. Hi! I have misspelled my username, and I wish to correct it. How do I go about it?
  2. The problem with not showing the brush in FFT filter remains, even months after the problem started in a previous beta versions.
  3. Thank you, but I have disabled OpenCL and I am still getting the problem. Thanks for replying anyway!
  4. The only issue I have, and that started three beta releases ago, and still persists, is that I don't see brush preview when I use the FFT filter. It works fine on the stable version, but not in the beta.
  5. Well, it's embarrassing, but I did the wrong thing. I chose the "customize toolbar" option to customize the tools, not the toolbar. I only discovered it after I posted the above. I thought it was a bug with the current beta ( My apologies.
  6. I am not sure if that happens to anyone else, but I am unable to customize my toolbar. Whenever I open the Customize Toolbar option and try to drag a tool into the space to delete it, nothing happens. ANy help, please? Thank you.
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