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  1. hi @Wosven GarryP solved the original problem but some people wanted additional info about the file. The image looks like good EPS to me, but I'm newbie. Here's an example of a selection. Looks neat. Not sure if that is what you were referring too. GarryP mentioned I just need to change background to Transparent and everything worked
  2. hi @loukash, it looks like an EPS to me I can select any item item and it will show up in the Layer. I opened it in textpad++ and this is what I got. Only last screenshot seems gibberish but the other two screenshots are in english. I tried that and it looks like a real eps file to me because I can go and edit each part and it would open up in the layer. Let know if you want screenshot but I'm pretty sure. Thanks
  3. HI @GarryP That works great! Thanks Thanks @RNKLN and @thomaso (also for the link) and @Pšenda (I will remember to call it Pixel Persona, your right). I have a horrible feeling I wasted everyone's time, sorry. I was stuck on this for hours. Thanks so much Edit: it's an EPS file that I was using (I will also add comment in original post just in case for future reference)
  4. hi, Anyone know why pressing delete key to delete the selected white background doesn't seem to work in Affinity Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer? I'm sure of my selection (see second screenshot - Refine button) I'm using affinity designer version on Windows 10. It's an EPS file vector Thanks Edit: clarified some this in this post based on feedback in below comments Refine selection - visual confirmation
  5. hi, I"m worried this might be a stupid question, anyone know how to close a loop in affinity designer Pressing the Add tool doesn't seem to work for this situation Thanks
  6. Thanks @Alfred And @Pšenda I don't think you read the comments so I'm not sure why you are distressed. I get Alfred's point about strictly using the forum tools and there was no demands. Cheers
  7. hi @Alfred imgur.com is a common site and these links are optional (just visual proof) - you don't need to look at them. As for the hide option, it wasn't clear what it meant. I think there may be a very small bug in my situation because I'm exporting an image with an invisible border (i.e. no color, no transparency, just invisible), this invisible border is encompassing the black border of the card. It works with images that don't have invisible border. This is best I can do to describe it.
  8. hi When replacing an image inside the "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool" - pre 1.9 with another newer image (same size and dimension), it used to automatically resize itself according to the previous image inside the "Picture Frame Rectangle". Is there a way to get Affinity Pub to revert back to the behaviour pre 1.9? In post 1.9 the replace image button resets everything and it gets a little tedious because you have to reset things manually whenever you replace an image (of same size and dimension) inside the "Picture Frame Rectangle" for clarity https://i
  9. hi @walt.farrell I discovered I have same problem with open source software, Gimp 2.10 software. The source file is a .png and it's GIMP built-in Linear sRGB. When I convert it to sRGBA ICE61966-2.1 it seems to have solved it. (edit). I don't think I would have tried this if not for your comment. Thanks. Thanks
  10. Hi, Anyone noticing Brightness of image getting ignored when exporting from AffPhoto to .png file? Perhaps it's not only brightness, but this is what I am changing right now. The color/brightness doesn't take affect. I've posted screenshot of this here https://imgur.com/I0ySBFY and I even cranked up the brightness to 70% and saved the file. Also, when I resize the Windows 10 image viewer, I can see the .png colors flicker. Proof https://imgur.com/IAsFhhB I've saved all the changes and use standard way to export to .png https://imgur.com/HcYqgvh I've exported tons of fi
  11. Thanks @Lagarto amazing explanations . /salute. Thank you sir. I just want to upvote this so many times. Cheers
  12. Thanks @Lagarto 1) What is the significance of "Embed The Profile" option. Isn't it just a tag with my ICC profile like FOGRA 39 for example? I'm going to ask publisher https://pandagm.com/ if I can use PDF/X-1a:2003 instead of PDF (press ready), that will allow me to Embed the ICC profile (I guess?) 2) I understand "Overprinting black" option, which I assume is equivalent to adobe's "set to overprint" for text. But what is the significance of Embed Fonts ? hmmm, I thought Embed Fonts was equivalent to Overprint in Adobe. I never noticed the "Overpri
  13. ah, So @thomas According to your quote: does that mean I just choose All Fonts? My publisher asked me to set text to overprint when using Adobe - "Black text should be pure black (C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%) and set to overprint" So I'm trying to set text to overprint using Affinity Publisher. I'm assuming I need to "convert text to curves". My main objective is to find the overprint option in Affinity Publisher (I hope that makes sense) Sorry for the string along. Thank you
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