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  1. Thank you, @eaglenws I thought my question fits perfectly to this thread without starting a new discussion. 😉 I guess we will see if @MEB will read my questions too and respond to it.
  2. Hi there, If I download the snow overlay assets on my desktop (Mac), will they also be available on my iPad? Both have Affinity products installed. How do I make them available on both devices? Do I have to connect them somehow or is it enough when the same user is logged in? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there, I'm relatively new to the Affinity products too and I'm interested in the following bundle from the Affinity store: "ChalkDust by Ian Barnard" Will it work on my iPad too, if I buy and download it on my desktop? I have Affinity Designer installed both on my Mac and on the iPad. Will my iPad automatically "know" that I downloaded the new bundle or do I have to do something to let the iPad know about my newest purchase? Or maybe start a new document with the new chalk-brushes, safe it and then open it via iCloud on the iPad? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. For the last hour I was trying to find it but I wasn't successful even with the Help tool. I do wish the text rulers would be available in Affinity Designer too and not only in Affinity Publisher. It is quite handy and I used it a lot in Adobe Illustrator before. Would be awesome if you guys could implement that in another update.
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