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  1. Same here. I have two EIZO Screens on a Mac mini. System is ElCapitan. To check it out, I moved AP from my main screen to the second and... colours are shiftet.
  2. Thanks Chris.
  3. Hi Chris, I checked it again and it seems to happen only on vertical oriented pictures. See the attached file.
  4. Hi, i have a problem with tif-files from the app "645 PRO" on iOS. The photos from that app are opened vertical mirrored in AP. In Lightroom or Photoshop they open correctly. See attached file. I must zip the file because of filesize reason.
  5. Thanks for the info MEB.
  6. How is the timeline for the functionality described in this thread. I like to see the snapping of the control handles to the grid.
  7. Hallo "Advanced Member", du kannst einfach den folgenden Link zu den Lesezeichen von Safari hinzufügen: für Affinity Designer Beta: file://localhost/Applications/ für Affinity Photo Beta file://localhost/Applications/ Der verweist auf den Index der englischen Hilfe im Programm-Paket. Das hat auch den Vorteil, dass du die Hilfe zusätzlich öffnen kannst und die nicht den Blick auf das Programm verhindert. Falls es nicht funktioniert, einfach dem Link im Dateisystem folgen und die Index.html manuell mit Safari öffnen.
  8. THX Paul, that's a way. But I wanna trash PS. ;) What also worked is: export the pdf from Acrobat as postscript... but that will kill the pictures/graphics. They will be sliced. The text is fine as curves.
  9. I don't find a answer to my problem. If I open a pdf in AD or AP and I click "no editable text" and "don't replace fonts" the document will still not look like the original. Is it possible to change the text on import to curves so it looks like the original document?
  10. Worked! THX. :rolleyes:
  11. Since I use the new Beta and add a PS-Plug-in folder, AP hangs at startup. I have to kill the app everytime. What can I do, to run the app again?
  12. Hello, there are some problems with opening of some svg-files. Some seems corrupted (see WAGO-Logo.svg) and other have shifted objects or layers (see Bayern_Wappen.svg). Testet with Affinity Designer Version 1.3.5 on OS X 10.9.5 Attached some examples. They are from Wikipedia. Maybe that can be fixed in a further version of AD. WAGO-Logo.svg Bayern_Wappen.svg
  13. Same issue here on Mavericks. .afphoto File has designer-icon and opens in Designer.
  14. case is the size of docs with only 1 Bit color information like scans with scripture.
  15. 1 Bit Black and White