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  1. I checked the latest version an in Beta Version RC1 the bug is still present.
  2. I have a little problem with colors in Lab. If I try to create a swatch for a RAL standard color eg. RAL 5005 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAL_colors ). The Lab values are L=32 a=-7 b=-37 type that in and close the box. When you reopen it the values are changed to L=32 a=-5 b=-35 The bug is not present if you change the color of the fill direct - not the swatch - then you can reopen the dialog and there are the same values. Initial color change: Reopen the color dialog: Everything is correct! This is a bug in the complete Affinity Range. Testet on Designer, Photo and Publisher in the latest versions 1.7.1 It happents at most with colors outside the sRGB gammut I think. And independet what color space the document is, Lab/16, sRGB/16, sRGB/8, ProPhoto/16 ... at least if you have no document open at all. Is there a solution for the problem ... do I something wrong? By the way, is it possible to lock swatches from change the color of it?
  3. Version: The translation for "Mitre" in german "Gehrung" has not enough space because of the translation of "Align" the buttons walk to the right and you are not able to click the most far right button of Join/Ecke - it is overwritten with "Gehrung" as you can see in the screenshots. This bug is in the latest beta version also present/not fixed. original english: translated in german:
  4. New test: You only have to change the document, no matter what, or to "save as" and then reopen the copy! That`s all! The images will show up as they should! But it still is a bug!
  5. back on my mac 3. No this dosn't work. I have to save and reopen the file to have no blurry images. It seems this is a document unit problem/bug! Hopefully it will be solved in a future version!
  6. 1. Yes, you must only change the units 2. The rulers change immediately but I have to safe and reopen the document to see the effect on the images. 3. This I have not testet. I‘n not on a Mac right now. 4. Yes, it also happens on other docs with images.
  7. That is true! My first thought was, the source files are not found, because of the copiing to another mac. But it was not. And it happened also, when I embed the images. I think the other Apub App don‘t see the units of the doc. Maybe in the App that created the doc this info is somewhere in the cache ...?!
  8. It is true, the document is in pixel without dpi. When I change the document setting from "pixel" to "mm" with 300 dpi all images appear sharp and crisp. Then I copy the document to my other Mac and ... pixelatet! So I change the doc on my other Mac from "mm" to something else > safe > reopen again, everything looks fine! I testet this a few times and it works everytime. Change the doc units to something else, safe, reopen, images are crisp and sharp. Not a fine solution but better then replace all images again. So I say ... this is a bug!
  9. This is only a testfile and I generated a tiff for that reason in a few seconds. The Layout is the original but I can not publish the original tiffs in the forum. The resolution of the placed images is like the following. That are the original files. I scaled the images in the layout. That is NOT the problem. I can export the design as a tiff with no problems on the Mac where I have designed it. The problem is on my home Mac, there it is pixelated. The only solution is to replace all images in the document and that is no really good solution.
  10. So, here is a testfile with the imagefile also but it is embedded too. I have testet the issue with that file too and it is still the same. Collage Test.afpub Ohne Titel.tiff
  11. If I create a AFpub doc on my MacBook or viseversa on my home mac mini and place pictures on the layout, linked or embedded makes no difference, safe/close the file and reopen it on that mac everything is fine. If I open the document on the other Mac, the placed pictures are pixelatet. It looks as they have low dpi. But the resource panel shows all is "OK". On Export you got also the low dpi pictures. If you open the document on the Mac that created the doc, everything is fine. You can also copy the document with all resources to the other mac. Same issue. On both Macs is the AffinityShop Version 1.7.1 installed.
  12. You are right! I've been searching under "safe as..." and "export" but it is under "print..." > then the pdf dropdown menu > "safe as postscript..." It is then a "postscript" file and text converted to curves. The layers of an multi-page document are shown in APub are NOT representing single pages so it will be better to save the pages from the pdf separately as single files.
  13. +1 for pdf pass-through this is essential, nothing more to say! a workaround is to place an eps instead of an pdf. Not a solution for everyone and, of course, an additional step and worst of all, you need Acrobat or something similar.
  14. Same here. I have two EIZO Screens on a Mac mini. System is ElCapitan. To check it out, I moved AP from my main screen to the second and... colours are shiftet.

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