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  1. Before I add --legacy-wintab This is all the step I did: 1. When Chris said Windows Ink will not matter if it is enabled or disabled then I enabled back all windows ink setting from: A. Wacom app setting > Mapping > Turn on Windows Ink. B. Turn on visual effects in the Pen and Ink settings on Windows through “Windows settings”> “Devices”> “Pen” or “Pen & Windows Ink”> Enable “Show visual effects” and “Show cursor”. C. Go to “Control Panel”> “Tablet”> “Pen Options”> “Pen and Touch”> “Press and Hold”> “Settings” and Check “Enable press and hold for right-clicking”> “OK”; 2. On another thread, Dan told me to reset affinity photo. Push Left CTRL key while opening Affinity Photo, reset window will open, select all, then reset. (it will remove every custom brushes, shortcut, etc) 3. Add --legacy-wintab After step 3, it doesn't lag anymore and my wacom pen hard button (the button on the pen) works like it should be.
  2. Thanks Dan, Tried this, the problem still persist. But Chris B told me on another thread to add this on Photo shortcut properties: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Photo.exe" --legacy-wintab The problem gone for now.
  3. Tried this, and my problem solved for now. Thanks Chris!
  4. I think we should go to the bug reporting page. I just realized this isn't the right place to report, right?
  5. One by Wacom. Driver is up to date, version 6.3.40-2. Windows 10 2004, v19041.423. How to turn off Windows Ink? But not only Wacom, my mouse have this problem too. never face this problem on 1.8.3 before.
  6. it's laggy, both on mouse and wacom. basic brush works fine, another brush lag. bug_1.8.4.mp4
  7. It seems re-installing doesn't fix the problem. The problem comes again on my PC. this time, basic brush works okay, but another brush, laggy. mouse and wacom, problems on both. I'll try going back to 1.8.3... bug_1.8.4.mp4
  8. It seems re-installing doesn't fix the problem. The problem comes again on my PC. this time, basic brush works okay, but another brush laggy. mouse and wacom, problems on both. bug_1.8.4.mp4
  9. I have that same problem too. uninstall then re-install 1.8.4, my affinity photo working great again.
  10. my mouse and wacom one, both has problems. but, already fix now. uninstalled, then re-installed my affinity photo, everything's working fine now.
  11. Hi, Paint Brush Tool is too slow (laggy) in 1.8.4 and sometimes it doesn't work. Please, How can I fix it?? ... Computer spec: Windows 10 2004 Intel i7-6700 Nvidia GTX 1050 ti
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